måndag 26 november 2012

Versace - Vanitas Edt

Picture: Idleness, John William Godward , 1900,
Wikimedia commons

Some days I just want to wear a fragarnce that just smells incredible good and that not distracts with strange twists that urges for a constant analyze. Such a fragrance is Versace Vanitas Edt, created by Dora Baghriche-Arnaud, a fresher interpretation of the Edp which was launched last year.

Vanitas Edt starts with a blast of sparkling yellow and white flowers grounded on an mellow, tropical, almosfruity accord that is not overly sweet and accentuating the flowers and gives them a depth. In the earlier stages of Vanitas Edt there is a bit of, but not fully developed, watery-flowery accord in the lotus flower style, like in Water Calligraphy by ByKilian and Gala de Dia by Loewe. As the fragrance dries down the watery texture gradually softens but doesn’t disappear completely. Also in the base the flowers is the most distinguished notes even if grounded on woody and teanotes according to the notelist.

Vanitas Edt is a sophisticated floral fragance with notes that feels almost fruity in the background. It’s a grown up floral, far away from the sweet, pink, young-girlish style.There is also no shrillness as in some Versace creations, neither it reflects the sometimes almost vulguar noveau riche style of the Versace couture. The almost fruity light sweetness, I think it’s the freesia that dominates the blend, smells almost natural, like mango and papaya, and there is no chemical vibes that could be prominent in some fragrances in this style.

Vanitas Edt is suitable for those who enjoy Amouage Honour Woman, Ormonde Jayne Tiare, Dior Pure Poison and First by Van Cleef & Arpels even if the latter is a grand, soapy 70s aldehydic, the lustre and elegance in apparance is similar.

Vanitas Edt is elegant but also relaxing and comfortable, perfect for daytime wear year around and it really blooms in humid weather which was the curicumstances when I tested it. I also think it would be a terrific fragrance to wear during lazy summerdays and warm summerevenings. Longevity is very good, at least 12h and the sillage is medium.

Rate: 4

Notes: Freesia, rose, osmanthus, tiareflower, cedarwood, black tea

4 kommentarer:

  1. Testade den här idag efter att ha läst ditt inlägg ovan. Instämmer helt i omdömet så det var en positiv överraskning. Känner en tydlig citruston som jag inte kan se finns bland noterna. Har tidigare testat EdP-versionen och inte riktigt gillat den. EdT:n har därför förblivit otestad - fram till idag. Tack för tipset!

  2. Hej Lotta! Tycker bra om Edp:n också (review i morgon) men Edt:n har något extra mer "sparkling" eller hur jag nu ska uttrycka det..

  3. Ja, det kanske är just det där "sparkliga" som gör susen just i mitt fall. Ser i alla fall fram emot Edp-recensionen. Kanske dags att omvärdera?!

  4. Båda har sin plats, Edp:n mer som sammet och Edt:n mer som chiffong, Edp:n mer hudnära och vintrig än Edt:n som är mer sommar och tidig höst.