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Robert Piguet - NoteS

Picture: From the manuscript of Bach's lute suite in G Minor
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NoteS is one of the perfumes in the interesting Nouvelle Collection (described here) from the honorable perfumehouse Robert Piguet. NoteS is created by the houseperfumer Aurelien Guichard.

Classified as a unisex fragance, NoteS to my nose is leaning much to the masculine side at least in the top- and middlenotes, but it is definitly wearable for a woman, I got positve remarks at the office wearing this. NoteS starts a bit brisk in the classical bergamot and herbal style. The opening of NoteS smells like a classical quality fougere to me with its clean, herbal accord. Also in the heart the classical refreshing geranium is appearing, gently mixed with some discrete and somehow dry orangeflowery notes. It's interesting how the orangeflowernote (as all flowery notes) could be so differently interpreted in different perfums from dry too very sweet. From the middlenotes there is a balsamic texture in NoteS and this balsamic, smooth feeling is amplified the more the fragrance dries down, even if the herbal element still is there. In the basenotes NoteS gets in the chypre direction with mossy notes strengthened with vetiver and softened and rounded out with dry, powdery tonka. In the base NoteS is clearly unisex and not leaning into any direction as in the top- and middlenotes.

NoteS is a wellcrafted elegant fragrance in the classical style but interpreted in a contemporary, smoother, balsamic way.  There are no harsh edges and the notes are just fleeting into each other in a wellcomposed manner, just like the name of this classy creation indicates. There is no chemical aquatic, no shrill pepper or loud woody notes in this contemporary classic.Wearable year around, very suitable in chilly autumn, escpecially the comforting basenotes. Longevity very good, sillage medium +. Simply yet another sucessful creation from the restored perfumehouse of Robert Piguet. NoteS is a fragrance of growing liking to me, it's a somehow "difficult" fragrance that takes it time to be fully appreciated, something that I really apprecite when it comes to perfume.

A fragrance for those who like (even if not smelling the same the fragrances mediates a similar impression): Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche pour Homme (more herbal), Rochas Macassar (more flowery and mossy) Givenchy Gentleman (mossy greener, more wet), Maria Candida Gentile Barry Lyndon (lavendel instead of white flowers).

Rating: 4+  (a bit too masculine for me)

Notes: Bergamot, clary sage, geranium, orange flower, vetiver, moss, tonka been

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