torsdag 1 mars 2012

Parfumerie Générale - Praliné de Santal

Picture: Pierre Guillaume
Photo: by Parfumerie Générale (c)

Praliné de Santal is another successful composition from handsome parfumer Pierre Guillaume. PdS was released in Pierres limited edition together with the cosy, cuddly Tonkamande 2010. Both scents have the cosy feel in common but where Tonkamande is more sweet, vanilla oriental, PdS is more of a gourmand woody.  

The first impression of the topnotes of Praliné de Santal is to write it off as it with its nutty and buttery notes smells similar to one of my favourites from Lutens, Jeux de Peau. But as the latter proceeds in the buttery direction with notes of bread and apricotjam, the former takes a different direction into a soft woodyness, more specifically into sandalwood. The sandalwood i soft, smooth and light, not heavy, sharp and almost sneezy as I strangely enough perceive this noble wood in Lutens Santal de Mysore. The smooth sandalwood is present during the entire dry down of PdS. In its earlier stages there is almost a hint of something light green and a certain bubbly, soda-like, slight calky note that is also present in Rochas Tocade but in Tocade this note is turned up several octaves. There are also traces of a sweet flower, probably the heliotrophe, but there is not the mimosa-almondy heliothropic note as in Parfums de Nicolaïs Kiss me tender or Etros Heliothrope. In the latest stages the sandalwood in PdS is blended with a soft praline note that in a harmonious way underscores the sandalwood. 

PdS is a real delight to wear a sunny winterday. Smooth and comforting, versatile for both casual and officewear.

Rating: 4

Notes: Heliotrope, sandalwood, hazelnut, cedar- and cashmerewood.

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