fredag 16 mars 2012

Maison Francis Kurkdjian - Oud

MFK:s recently launched Oud is a creation of the founder of the house, the skillfull perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. As almost all houses currently, also MFK launch it's own take on Oud which I think is very appealing as I like Oud in different interpretations. Oud definitly is a note that is here to stay and just as many houses has their own amber, vetiver, vanille, incense etc they also need an oud.

The MFK Oud is a different take on the oud-theme. The fragrance starts with some citrus and medical, spicy/herbal notes, like a medical potion. I can recognize traces of MFK Absolute pour le Matin but that one is greener, ligther and have more citrus. As the spicy/herbal potion softens, but still is evident, a slight leathery soft oudnote appears, but also hits of cedar. There is not the sharpness in the oud and it is not loud and dominating as in the Montales. MFK note is somehow a fresh, sporty and casual oud. The medical impression comes mainly by the herbal, spicy, slight sweet "cough mixture" like notes, probably the oud as medical notes, but stronger and more compact, are present in the Montales. The citrus-spicy-herbal qualities of Oud gives the fragrance an almost airy expression. In the basenotes the cedar also is present in moderation together with ditto patchouli and Oud.

Even if not similar in smell, Oud:s character is reminiscent of Montales Aoud Flowers although AF contains some rose which MFK Oud doesn't. MFK Oud is as Mona di Orios Oud an Oud that boycotts paring the rose with oud in favor of other companions, osmanthus in MdO Oud and spicy/herbal notes in MFK Oud.

To summon it all up MFK Oud is a different, very wearable, brisk Oud, unisex in character and with good stayingpower. It's perfect for daytime wearing, especially during the spring and summer.

Rating: 4+

Notes: Oud from Laos, saffron, patchouli, cedar

Thanks to Maison Francis Kurkdjian for providing me a sample to test.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Jag köpte denna i förra veckan, efter bara ett enda provtillfälle, pga dess originalitet och nästan gourmandiska tolkning av oud tack vare allt saffran. Jag är helt förtrollad!

  2. Härligt,helt rätt beslut! Vet att jag också kommer att åka dit när provet är slut, är väldigt svag för Francis tyngre dofter. Inte lika förtjust i hans "tvättmedelsdofter" även om de iofs tillhör de bästa i genren.