fredag 23 mars 2012

Bulgari – Omnia Coral

Picture: A closeup of a cavernous star coral Montastrea cavernosa
Photo: Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Staff, Wikimedia commons

Omnia Coral is the latest creation in Alberto Morillas Omnia line for Bulgari. I like and have received compliments for the first spicy-orange Omnia but I have not tested the earlier flankers Omnia Ametysthe, Omnia Crystalline and Omnia Green Jade.

Omnia Coral is a floral-fruity blend with a cold, musky base that almost resembles ice tea. I recognize the basenotes from Omnia and some other Bulgari fragrances. Omnia Coral is more flowery than fruity and the fruity accord is not overly sweet or girlish, the fragrance seems to be a fruity-floral for grown ups. The opening accord is reminiscent of red berries and some fruits. In this stage Omnia Coral reminds me of a tropical version of Burberry Touch. The berry/fruity stage is followed by watery- and tropical flowers distinctly supported by the musk. Something in this stage, probably the hibiscus and the lingering berry notes reminds me of a non-peppery and softer Madness by Chopard.  Omnia Coral is a distinctive fragrance that is obviously present. I perceive Coral as a cold, cooling water hole surrounded by flowers on a tropical island.

Omnia Coral is reminiscent of some contemporary fragrances in the fresh, floral, musky style. It’s a happy scent, perfect for spring and especially in summer as the longevity is excellent. A soothing fragrance suitable for hot summerdays. But wearers beware, Omnia Coral is very potent and has to be applied with caution otherwise it could turn out to be a loud fragrance that wears the wearer rather than the reverse.

Rating: 2+

Notes: Bergamot, goji berries, water lily, hibiscus, pomegranate, musk, cedar

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