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Mona di Orio - Les Nombres d'Or Oud

Picture: Harem scene with the Sultan, Jean-Baptiste van Mohr (1671-1737)
1st half of 18th century, Badisches Landesmuseum, Wikimedia Commons,
some rights reserved

Mona di Orios Oud is a beautiful flowery, woody, dry perfume with green facets. The oud is not predominant, it's one of the very well blended woody notes and it is light, bright, shining and transparent . The oudnote feels somehow green compared to the dark oud-notes in the Montales, By Kilians and  Amouages.

In the topnotes and the beginning of the middlenotes there is muted citrusnotes, some light peppery notes and there is the osmanthusflower, that takes the centerstage. As Oud dries down it gradually developes in the wooden territory, first a light and dry wood with supporting green notes that feels exactly as green and fresh as when rubbing the leaves of a certain geranium plant, Graveolens/ Rose Geranium (or in swedish Doctor Westerlunds healthplant). This fresh green is contrasting to the dry woody notes which deepens as Oud developes further. According to the list of ingridienses there is no Rose Geranium in Oud but the notes creates something similar, in a toned down version. In the beautiful and lingering woody basenotes the green component change a bit and reminds me of eucalyptus. Oud induces a image of precious dry wood in antique oriental furnitures, chests and couches from the harem, beautiful, shimmering, heavy fabrics as silk and velvet and in the middle of all this; the note that reminds med of rose geranium and later of eucalyptus, as a healty, brisk and fresh element.

Mona di Orios Oud is a difficult fragance and I understood it, at least partly, after I have tested it for the fourth time and I don't know if I really get Oud yet. I think this is a perfume that will show the wearer different aspects during different wearings. By the first times testing Oud I was disappointed as I had tremendoues expectations. At first I thought it was too flowery and to thin. Probably I applied to litttle of Oud as I'm used to more potent ouds where I have to be very careful when applying. The sample is also a splashsample and probably it is better to spray the fragrance. But Oud is a fragrance that wins in the long run and by now I really appreciate Oud and admire the beautiful, high quality composition.  Before I was fully convinced and saved by Oud there where some (as I experienced it the first three wearings) setbacks: Oddly enough, in some stages Oud reminds me of a dry and refined version of Dior Addict and also of some parts of Diors Dune. Even if I love both those Diors, I don't expect them to show up in Monas expensive and exclusive creation. But now when I'm enligthed it's totally fine for me. Another scent that I feel some similarities with is Mona di Orios Ambre but that one i more sharp in its woodiness.

Oud is a timeless fragrance that could be used on many occasions. The sillage is low but the scent is very distinct to the wearer and those who comes close. The longevity is great, Oud lasts for at least 24 hours. It is also a relaxing fragrance, perfect for calming down. But on the other hand I feel relaxed from most of Monas fragrances, so maybe the relaxing vibes are a typical hallmark of Mona.

As I find different twists in Oud when apply it more liberally, I have to revisit my sample later to update my impressions. And when the sample is finished I have to acquire another one as know that Mona di Orios Oud is a fragance that I have to have within reach. As there is real and not syntetic oud in Oud it will be very interesting to smell if later batches of the perfume will smell different beacause of different vintages of oud. But as it smells in the current blend I almost think that my travel in Perfumeland is over, that I at last have found the ulitmate creation. But as a true Perfumista, I know that feeling will not last for long. But Mona di Orios Oud is definitly one of the top ten I have tried so far.

Rating: 5+

Notes: Petit grain, elemi, mandarin, osmanthus, nagarmotha, patchouli, cedar, amber, oud

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