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Carner Barcelona - Cuirs

Picture: Cuirs and it's source of inspiration
 (c) Carner Barcelona.

Carner Barcelona is a spanish nichehouse founded by Sarah Carner in 2009. Sarah want's to capture the meaningful moments in her perfumes and she is collaborate with different perfumers to achieve that. The latest perfume Cuirs is created by perfumer Sonia Constant. Cuirs is inspired by the artisan atiliers in Barcelona in the beginning of the last century, the smell of pipetobacco smoke mixed with the tanned leather preparde in the craft workshops.

To me Cuir is a peppery oud perfume and to my nose the fragrance is to dry to induce the typical creamy leathery aroma that the mix saffron-oud-rose creates. To me Cuirs is more of a dry woody, spicy particulary peppery perfume. In the middlenotes I smell a fleeting, light, flowery note and there is also something slight foody in this phase.

Cuirs is extremely strong and the projection is huge as is the longevity. One sprits is enough to be sure not to cause allergic reactions nearby. It's the type of scent that can trigger a campain for a scentfree office. Cuirs is classified as a unisex scent which is true but to my nose it lends more to the masculine side.
Cuirs feels very familliar to me, the scent doesen't add anything new to the perfumed landscape. To my nose it is very close to some of the newer Montales as Dark Oud (the rough australian sandalwood) in particular, with the radiation of Aoud Musk and with some accords from Amouages Opus V, perhaps the bullied little violet (iris in Opus V). Late in the dry down, about twelve hours after application. I can recognize the varm, foody spices  from one of my favorite Montales Amber & Spices. Cuirs is a good alternative to those fragrances but doesn't feel original as the other fragrances precede Cuirs. To me Cuirs is to strong and to masculine and it's likely that Cuirs wears much better on Mr Parfumista as he wears the neutronbomb Aoud Musk very well.

In summary; Cuir is a scent for occasions when the wearer will make a bold statement.

Rating: 3+ (on me)
Rating: 4   (on Mr Parfumista) updated in April 2012

Notes: Cumin, Saffron, violet, australian sandalwood, cederwood, guaiac wood, patchouli, tonka bean, cistus, musk, oud, nagarmotha, amyris, dry amber, leather

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