måndag 25 april 2011

Puredistance - Antonia (english version)

So for the last of my Puredistance samples, Antonia. Antonia is just as 1 created by Annie Buzantian. After testing M (on Mr. Parfumista) and 1 on myself  I was a bit disappointed, probably because of the high expectations created by all the enthusiastic reviews on various blogs and forums. Therefore I didn't expected much by Antonia. But it turned out to exceed my low expectations. The very first impressions are a bit sharp and green. But then I feel a soft, delicate and more rounded version of Balmain Vent Vert, not the latest version but the prior, ie Calice Becker 1990. After the Vent Vert-phase a crunchy stage occurs with the yellow bulbs as daffodils and tulips. Although no such notes are mentioned in the fragrance pyramid, it's the impression conveyed. In the case of the given iris note, there are nothing of the carrot-like smell that most often is associated with this ingrediens. I guess that it is the irisflower and not the root which is part of Antonia. Antonia recalls to some extent Annick Goutal Heure Exquise, though I feel that H E is slightly darker and denser. The green of Antonia continues down to the basenotes and on the way there are also streaks of white flowers. Unfortunately, when the smell reached the basenotes, or perhaps it starts already somewhere in the middlenotes, a dissonant note occurs, reminiscent of one, luckily, expensive luxury detergent. This is the only negative that I have to say about Antonia. Unfortunately, the irritation of this note increase, the more Antonia dry down. Antonia is a hyper-exclusive fragrance and I don't think parfumeweares like that their expensive fragrance reminds of detergent, even a luxary one. Mr. Parfumistas spontaneous comment also was "it smells like detergent but an exclusive one".

For me Antonia is a light green scent with accents of bright yellow. A happy Easter and springperfume with substance. Does more than the whole day without fragmenting on the skin and has a moderate projection. Well balanced with notes flowing into each other, with highquality ingredients. Stylish and wearable daytime, perfect for teatime at the Hotel Sacher. To achieve a similar effect but WITHOUT the note of detergent and at a lower investment cost, try AG Heure Exquise EDP. To Antonias defense should be mentioned that the picky Mr Parfumista think Antonia is better than H E.

Rating: 3 + (had it not been for the detergent-note it had been 4)

Notes: Ylang-ylang, jasmine, rose, orris, geranium, ivy, vanilla, vetiver.

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