torsdag 28 april 2011

The Different Company - De Bachmakov (english version)

The Bachmakov is a olifactory depiction of the co-founder of The Different Company Thierry de Bachmakovs noble Russian pedigree. Thierry de Bachmakov is a famous falcon-designer and have also designed the perfume bottles of TDC. The second founder of the TDC is, the master of transparent fragrances, Jean-Claude Ellena, now inhouse nose of Hermès. In recent years, until recently, JCE's daughter Celine has created the TDC's scents in a similar transparent style, so even the Bachmakov. But Celine has now, according to several sources, (unfortunately) started working in the "flavour and scent industry". Certainly a great deepening of knowledge but Celine is already doing such great fragrances .... Celine is, according to different sources, succeeded by the now hackneyed Bertrand Duchaufour. This was a long introduction, now for the perfume.It's almost as if I regret that I tested De Bachmakov. Has fallen head over heels and will probably not be able to resist buying a bottle - FBW! I also believe that DB is the smell that can get me to finally crave lighter fragrances that suit the spring/summer season. DB is a cool fragrance that evokes associations to Siberia permafrost, or at least that I can think of spring in taiga beyond the mountains of Ural. DB is also similar to a Gin & Tonic, lemon, gin and ice. Citrus and juniper is clear to me but DB also includes a healthy herbal quality, much like herbs destilited in spirit. In the background there is some mysterious notes that are hard to define, perhaps the shisoleaves, a Japanese herb related to the mint family, itcontemporary is also called Japanese basil. DB feels not at all chemical in its nature, although of course it is.Not unexpectedly De Bachmakov falls Mr Parfumista in taste.It'is a perfume of the same character as one of his all time favorites Terre d'Hermès, Jean-Claude Ellena contemporary, in my opinion already, classic fragrance: "That outperforms the most of the scents you've tried recently, why waste time on a lot of other things that not completely is you. This one really mis perfect with your chemistry. "

Some of the reviewers who have opinions about DB considers that it resembles a mix of  the JCE's creations Hermès Terre d'Hermès and Kelly Caleche. The transparent style and the chalky notes from Terre I agree are similar. The iris-leather inspired Kelly Caleche is, in my opinion much more vegetate and sweet. In my little world of olifactory  DB is rather a continuation of Chanel's Cristalle EDT and a more sporty /casual counterpart to the elegant officefriendly Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere.The Bachmakov sits well on skin during the day. DB is a fragrance that billows out in waves, sometimes stronger and sometimes it's like I hardly know it. It is linear but interesting all the time.DB spins around its icy, herbal, citrus theme. DB is great now in the spring and I am convinced that it is an equally perfect summer fragrance. A Must Have!Rating: 5Notes: Bergamot, shisleaf, coriander, freesia, cedar, nutmeg, chalky notes

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