måndag 20 april 2015

Ramon Monegal - Hand in Hand

Picture: Skiers
Painting by Frits Thaulow (1847-1906)

Hand in Hand is an oud-oriental  inspired perfume from the Barcelona based perfumehouse Ramon Monegal. As usual the very experienced perfumer, the house of Myrurgia offspring, Ramon Monegal. As Myrurgia is mentioned as the Guerlain of Spain, Ramon could be likened to a spanish version of Patricia de Nicolaï. Both well educated and experienced in perfume/perfume business, running own perfume houses, independent from the old family houses which since long been sold to some of the big ones.

Hand in Hand starts cold, with a woody smell of juniper bush and pine in winter. After a while a smoky accord appears, it's the fresh, dry smell from dry wood, lighted to a campfire a cold and sunny winterday in the forest. This is not the rough,  masculine, meaty, smoky accord as in the campfiresmoke in Mona di Orio Les Nombres d'Or Cuir, the smoke in Hand in Hand is more refined. After a while a hint of leather ant a peppery note also shines through. The dark rose is  discrerte in the first stages of Hand in Hand. Over all the first part of Hand in Hand (even if not smelling the same) reminds me of the first part of Robert Piguet Oud, which also contains the cold, pine note. These two fragrances could be described as the ouds of the North, they are very suitable to the Scandinavian landscape and colder tempratures. Hand in Hand also has some kinship to Frapin Nevermore, as an unsweet, dry relative to that dark, dramatic, boozy, intriguing one. In the second part Hand in Hand becomes more spicy, a spicy mix which togheter with a musky base brings forward the rose a bit more, even if the rosy note not is as dominating as in most rose-oud combos. The rosy note is as integrated with the other notes. In the later stages of Hand in Hand I find similarites with the dark, purple, rose from Parfumerie Générale Isparta.
Picture: Hand in Hand in it's inkwell bottle
Photo: PR Ramon Monegal (c)
The cold, confier and smoke accords  is the first part of Hand in Hand I find the most interesting, the second part is more familiar for this style of fragrance. Hand in Hand could be worn year around at any occasion where a more intense pefume could be accepted. The fragrance is very concentrated, and just as with Isparta, it's hard to avoid overapplying. Less is more is definitly what is applicable in this case. Sillage is great and longevity for 24h+. Hand in Hand is unisex, leaning to the feminine side according to my nose.

Rating: 4

Notes: Rose, oud, spices, musk

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  1. The cold pine note that you talk about in the beginning of this scent that then segues into a spicier, rosy scent makes his perfume sound very intriguing, Margareta. Coupled with that gorgeous artwork, I am imaging a perfume that smells like two people holding hands in the snow, out for a brisk walk, and then their hands getting warmer (the second half of the perfume).

    If I'm ever back at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC (where they carry his perfumes), I'll give it a spritz, thanks to your review and the perfume's name, which is unique and will help me remember it.

  2. Your picture of Hand in Hand is spot on. Hand in Hand is worth trying even if I think that the real gems are among the first twelve or something releases, fragrances as Impossible Iris, L'Eau Rose, Umbra and Cuirelle and the Christmas special Quintaescensia.