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Annick Goutal - Un Matin d'Orage EDP

Picture: Gardenia flower from the gardens at Monticello
Photo: Queerbubbles (cc) Wikipedia Commons, 
some rights reserved
Un Matin d'Orage EDP is a reinterpretation of the 2009 Un Matin d'Orage EDT (swe) by Annick Goutal. As with most current Goutals, the perfumer is Isabelle Doyen together with the late Annicks daughter, Camille Goutal.

Un Matin d'Orage EDP is a character of it's own, it's an ozonic, crispy white flowerfragrance, gardenia, tubereuse and magnolia are the mainplayers. This is not the usual interpretation of the theme  the flowers, are somehow paper-dry in their structure but in the same time they express an ozonic, slight moisty character, like the texture and light vanillic smell of old books. Un Matin d'Orage EDP is quite linear even if the flowers is dominating in the beginning and are balanced in a smooth woody-light vanillic accord, probably the sandalwood, in the base.

The main difference compared to the EDT to my nose is that the EDP is more flowery and a tad sweeter from the warm woody vanillic note. The EDT on the other hand is more radiant, bubbly, fizzy and it's maincharacteristic is a peppery note that follows through the whole dry down. If applying the EDT to liberal, the peppery note takes over and sort of unbalances the fragrance. Overall the EDT is woody in character, with support of the gardenia/tubereuse, where the EDP emphasises the flowers and the pleasant sweetness described above, the pepper playing just a discrete, supporting role.

Picture: Un Matin d'Orage EDT & EDP
Photo: PR Annick Goutal (c)
When comparing the concentrations, the EDP is a safer fragrance, closer to skin, more wellbehaved and easier to wear than the more radiant EDT and I suspect the EDP will be the best selling (and a bestseller!) concentration of the two. The EDT is more of a complicated, dominating and challenging personality which has to be handled with care. The lastingpower is for more than a day for both Un Matin d'Orage concentrations and both are perfect for summerdays, both for casual and for work.

Rating: 5 (EDP), 4 (EDT)

Notes: Tubereuse, magnolia, vanilla, myrrh, guaiac wood (and I suspect that many of the notes from the EDT version is still present as for example gardenia and a small dose of the fizzy, peppery ginger.

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