lördag 8 juni 2013

Fragrances of the week (23) 2013 - Royal wedding

Picture: H.R.H Princess Madeleine
with her coming husband Mr Christopher O'Neil
Photo: Brigitte Grenfeldt (c) Kungahuset.se, all right reserved  
This entry is a summery for international readers about todays event The perfumereflections will follow in the next entry.

Today there is a Royal wedding here in Stockholm as H.M King Carl XIV Gustaf youngest daugther H.R.H Princess Madeleine marries an american (also with british citizenship) sort of hedgefundtrader/analyst with a very ambitious austrian mother Eva Maria O'Neill (a cool lady with, it seems as, a well thought out strategy for herself and her three children, from three of her four marriages with wealthy men); Chris O'Neill.

The happy couple lives in New York where the Princess works for H.M Queen Silivas charity Foundation Childhood in the US branch.and they will continue their life in NY also after the wedding. Mr O'Neill will remain as a "Mr", stay with his american-british citizenship and go on with his business as usual. Overall this couple isn't so (at least what is communicated by the press, so who really knows), how to put it in a polite way, "in tune with the times" as, and therefore not so popular, as the coming Queen H.R.H Crownprincess Victoria and her husband H.R.H Prince Daniel who are (almost too) perfect, hardworking, nice and well shaped/trained (personally, they are my favourites, good examples to the nation). He was a PT and owner of a successful gym company before his royal carrier but have to leave his business to serve the country as the husband of the coming Queen.

At 16.00 today everyone in Sweden who like pomp and circumstances, beautiful dresses and sparkling jewels, will gather in front of the televisions and I'll of course be one of them :-)

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