torsdag 23 maj 2013

M.Micallef - Royal Vintage

Picture: Robert Comte de Montesquiou-Fézensac (1855-1921)
Painting by Giovanni Baldini (1842-1931)
Royal Vintage is a fragrance intended for men in the M.Micallef Exclusive line. Royal Vintage is created by the M.Micallef housenose Jean-Claude Astirer. The fragrance is presented in an exclusive bottle, designed by Martine Micallef. The review is written from impressions mediated by the, when it comes to fragrances, fussy Mr Parfumista who has performed the testings of Royal Vintage.

Royal Vintage starts familiar classy cologne notes, similar to Geoffery Beene Bowling Green but more delicate and smoother in structure. Then a soft but in the same time slight fizzy, pink peppercorn note appears giving sparkle to the blend. There is also a dry, almost papery note apperant in this stage, not as strong and intense as the papyrusnote in Gucci Pour Homme, which also appears in a sweeter and spicier context than the cool and clean papernote in Royal Vintage.

When reaching its heart, Royal Vintage smells like the image of a clean and freshly ironed shining white linen napkin and tablecloth where an elegant gentleman just had lit a fresh cigarette made of high quality tobbacco. This accord, probably it's the among the notes mentioned cypress that creates the clean linen impression and the soft and smooth leather the fresh cigarettenote, is wellbalanced and lasts during the whole drydown, slight deepening in the basenotes. Overall the compostion evokes the image of a dandy.
Picture: Royal Vintage by M.Micallef
Photo: PR Parfums M.Micallef
The sillage of Royal Vintage is medium, it's clearly present during the whole dry down, could not offend anyone in its understated elegance. The longevity is amzing for a fragrance of this transparent character, Mr Parfumista tested Royal Vintage during a whole day performing heavy physical activity and Royal Vintage were still clearly present after 12h+ and on cloth for days. After a day of officewearing it was still there 24h later. I have read some opinons that Royal Vintage is close to Creed Aventus which I can't comment about as I havn't smelled that one. I think Royal Vintage smells of itself and that it's an excellent scent.

Royal Vintage really deserves its name, with its understated elegance, its well balanced precense and longevity this would perfectly match (even if not dandy-like) my favourite royalty H.R.H Prince Daniel in his daily duties. Until the princely nose will detect this gem, Royal Vintage will serve under anything but royal circumstances in Mr Parfumistas office, because for once, he has found something he judge as full bottle worthy.

Update January 2015: Mr Parfumista is testing Creed Aventus and his conclusion is that the Creed, even if a good perfume, is sweeter and more "perfumery"/pungent than Royal Vintage. As Mr Parfumista comments: "If I haven't already known and owned the much more distinctive Micallef, I had probably considered Aventus",

Rating: 5

Notes: Bergamot, pink pepper, cypress, leather, patchouli, musk

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  1. I agree full heartedly: it's an excellent scent! I think of getting it for my vSO.

  2. I'm considering the same when it comes to Mr Parfumista, he has certainly finished his sample well in advance to his birthday.