måndag 27 maj 2013

Guerlain Mahora and Mayotte - Quick comparison

Picture: Mahora in its special tropical styled bottle and box
Photo: PR Guerlain (c)
As wellknown among perfumenerds the warm and full tubereusedominated tropical flower Guerlain  Mayotte in the Parisienne line (bee-bottles with a ribbon on its neck) created 2006 by Jean-Paul  Guerlain is said to be the same (or almost the same) as the Y2K creation of Jean-Paul Guerlain Mahora in the regular line, I think it's discontinued since many years. As mentioned in an earlier post, I received a sample of Mayotte from fellow perfumeblogger Fragrantfanatic to compare with Mahora.
Picture: Mayotte in the Parisienne bottle
Photo: PR Guerlain (c)
Accomplish a side-by-side test of the two I can conclude they are not the same fragrance even if very close to eachother. I suspect that Mayotte is a "lightweight" further development of Mahora, a adjustment to the taste to smoother and more discrete perfumes during the later years.  Compared to Mayotte, Mahora is shrill and loud with some almost vegetale (on the verge to decaying) notes, more in the style of a 1980s perfume. Mayotte is smoother, fuller more discrete and elegant in apperance and therefore easier to wear, a comfortscent that could be used anytime. Wearing Mahora you have to be in the right mood. All in all: The two fragrances are so close that one just have to own one of them. Below I insert the comment from Fragrantfantic the other week as she nails it when she conveys her impressions:

"I did try the Mahora yesterday by itself and it is similar (as in containing the same notes) as Mayotte but it's definitely not the same. The beginning is harsher and trashier, a metallic note is more pronounced and I don't get any gardenia. The drydown is longer and very similar the heart of Mayotte. Next step is to wear them side by side, we'll see if I stick to my words by then :)"


Mahora: Orange blossom, almond blossom, green accords, ylang-ylang, neroli, tuberose, jasmine, sandalwood, vanilla, vetiver 

Mayotte: Neroli, frangipani, tuberose, indian jasmine, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, vanilla, vetiver

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  1. We seem to have very similar impressions of the Mahora/Mayotte issue. But I can't help wondering if Mayotte has been cleaned up recently to fit the July 1 EU regulation mess. There are so many persons out there that seem to be convinced that they are the same, and they clearly are not. Maybe they once were, but not anymore.

  2. As you say probably also Mayotte have changed since it's release 2006 and therefore the two have diverged even more. But I suspect that also the 2006 version was a further development of Mahora.By the way, during the testing of them this Saturday, we went for a boattrip in the late afternoon. The chilly but in the same time humid see-air interacted very well with the fragrances and also late in the evening when home again,they where still in their second blooming that day