lördag 5 januari 2013

Fragrance(s) of the week (1) 2013

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Almost every week there is a fragrance or fragrancestyle that I particulary crave. Maybe I wear the fragrance some day that particular week, just sniff it, tray it or just let the longing persist as I'm often totally off-season when it comes to what I crave and the season current. To examplify: The week before Christmas I suddenly started to long after the sparkling, grassy and green springlike Chanel No 19 Edt, this in the middle of the cold and darkest winter, with lot of snowing. The same phenomena, but in the opposite fragrancedirection, is happening in the middle of the summer, some years as early as around Midsummers Eve. Than in the warmth and brightness of the Nordic summer, I start longing for dark and deep fragrances as ambers, dark roses, ouds, patchouli. Another observation when it comes to my perfumecraving during the latest half year is an increasing need and appreciation for the classics as the classic Chanels, Guerlains, Rochas or Diors. When it comes tocontemporary perfumes, I prefer perfumes created in the classic style as the offerings of Puredistance, Parfums de Nicolï and Parfums MDCI or more complicated contemporary perfumes with many dimensions as the perfumes of Ramón Monegal, Amouage or Mona di Orio.

To conclude this philosophising: 1) Fragrancewise I'm often in the reverse season 2) Fragrancestylish the circle is completed, I'm back where it all started, with the classics or  classic styled, well-crafted fragrances.

For 2013 I will start to notice (and post) if there is a/some special weekly cravings. Here are my observations for the first week of January 2013:

- The longing for springfragrances has intensified. Today (chilly and grey outside) I'm wearing  the Guerlain iris/violet/mimosa/guerlinade classic Apres l'Ondee Edt and I'm constantly sniffing my wrists.

- The other perfume that influenced me this week and I really liked to wear at New Years Eve was a perfume that not belongs to any of the categories mentioned above: Miss Dior Le Parfum which IMHO is a well crafted, contemporary mainstream with some dept and body to it. Features that is becoming more and more rare these days,  both within mainstream and niche.

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  1. Since I live in such a place where seasons aren't very pronounced I'm not really bound by temperature outside in my perfume cravings. But mentally I try to follow formal seasons. It doesn't always work though.
    As to Chanel 19 - I can wear it any time.

  2. You nail it,No 19 is somehow timless and universal. Would be nice to have less pronounced seasons, at least I think it now with a very cold and snowy weather approaching from Russia in the next few days.But on the other hand, those big differences between seasons makes a great challenge in building the perfume wardrobe - you "need" so many more options :-) So perfumewise I think it's good to live up here in the North afterall.

  3. For me, I seem to usually be half a season ahead of time. When a season starts I'm all synchronized perfume-style-wise but after a while I get bored with just going with the same style and I start to look ahead :)

  4. F,seems like we are a bit too restless...:-)