torsdag 6 september 2012

Ramón Monegal - Kiss My Name

Picture: Rose Champagne Bubbles
Photo by Gaetan Lee (CC-BY-2.0; CC-BY-2.5.)
Wikimedia commons some rights reserved

A fizzy, peppery tubereuse-boquet is how I percieve Ramón Monegals tubereusefragrance Kiss My Name. The initial accord reminds med of the light, sight green, tubereuse boquet of Gianfranco Ferre (the fragrance has the same name as the designer himself). But very soon a blast of light, fizzy pepper appears and takes control over the blend. This stage is close to the developement of Lovely Day and just as with that fragrance, reminds me of Un Jardin apres la Mousson by Hermès. The glimpse of something that reminds me of an almost melony note is also present in Kiss My Name as in both of the former fragrances. I don't know from which ingredient the peppery note comes from, probably there is some woody note that is not mentioned among the ingredients that produces it. To me Kiss My Name, just as Gianfranco Ferre is first of all a sort of casual-chic dry, green white flower boquet where tubereuse has a leading but not predominant role. As Kiss My Name dries down the tubereusenote gets clearer. It's a clean and nice tuby-note that never reaches the dangerous dirty, fleshy, almost putty in texture, territory. In the late drydown, Kiss My Name is very close to the fizzy,airy, peppery Un Matin d'Orage by Annick Goutal.

Kiss My Name wears well during a warm summerday and I think it's proper for daytime wear year around. As it is strong in concentration, light application is recommended. A nice, happy and easy to wear fragrance, nothing complicated even if well crafted as the whole Ramón Monegal-line.

Rating: 4
Notes: Tuberose, iris, jasmine, neroli, tolu balsam

4 kommentarer:

  1. Peppery tuberose? I like the sound of that. :)

  2. Yes it's fizzy - spritzy in some way.If you like AG Un Matin de Orage which is bolder and more radiant than the more discrete Kiss My Name you will like it.

  3. I don't like tuberose but once I get to this line I'll try them all - even this one :)

  4. As this one is a sort of peppery greenleefy white floral where the tubereuse is just a bit more dominant than the other florals I think there is a good chance that you will like KMN.