söndag 27 maj 2012


Picture: Loreen (Lorine) Talhaoui, The new swedish Mega Star.
Photo: Annika Aschberg (c), Picture from the pressection of Loreens official website

Today I’m not referring to the famous CK fragrance Euphoria but to the common state of mind here in Sweden the day after the very talented Loreens Great Victory in the Eurovisioncontest 2012. Euphoria (the song) and the somehow calming appearance of Loreen, also mediated by the great choreography of the number, is really a Eurovision contribution beyond the ordinary. Many, many congratulations to Loreen and best wishes to a very talented artist of whom we will for sure see much more of in the future.

And here's the performance: Link

3 kommentarer:

  1. I usually try to ignore the whole Eurovisioncontest thing but I must say I'm very happy seeing Loreen winning :)

  2. Congratulations on winning! :)
    I really liked the song - didn't really watch the show, just listened to it.

  3. Hi FF & I,
    I have to confess that I couldn't cope to watching most of the performances but the whole Eurovision phenomena is pretty funny actually.
    Ines: Thanks for the greeting :-)