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Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle - Lipstick Rose

Picture: Viola Riviniana and Viola Canina
Nordens flora, picture painted between 1917and 1926 by
swedish botanist Carl Axel Magnus Lidman
Wikimedia commons

Lipstick Rose is created by perfumer Ralf Schwieger for Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle year 2000 and was released with a bunch of other fragrances in the earliest edition of the house.

To me Lipstick Rose smells very innocent, well behaved and girl next door-ish. Even so (of course the girl next door wears a little pink lipstick on special occasions) Lipstick Rose is a appropriate name of this violety, rosy, slight powdery and slight earthy blend. The top- and middlenotes definitely conveys the picture and smell of a lipstick of high quality. There is a creamy and slight powdery note, dominated by violets. The rose is the second player and disappears on my skin as the scent drys down to the basenotes. In the basenotes there is still a trace of the powdery violet but the notes of vetiver and musk anchor it in a slight earthy base. On my skin those notes blended together also create a tealike note.

The powdery note present during the whole dry down reminds me of a polished version of the gunpowdernote that I appreciate in Lorenzo Villoresis Teint de Neige. In it's earlier stages Lipstick Rose is somehow a well-behaved violet-version of the, in comparison, wild and eccentric TdN. But Lipstick Rose don't goes the whole hog as TdN, neither by the gunpowdernot or by the soapiness as the Lipstick Rose powder never passes in to the great soapiness of TdN. Other fragrances that have similarities with LR is Andy Tauers beautiful Une Rose Vermeille a jammy, fruity rose with hints of violets and with the texture of Etat Libre D'Oranges Putain de Palaces. Even as also it's name indicates, this scent with it's dirty animalic heft is the direct opposite to the girl next door-ish Lipstick Rose, but the style,violets and the rose are in common. 

Lipstic Rose is a well executed, almost linear fragrance that is easy to wear for many non-casual occasions in autumn, winter and spring. It's a tad too sweet and powdery to feel appropriate for summerwearing.

Rating: 3

Notes: Rose, violet, musk, vanilla, vetiver, amber

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