lördag 14 april 2012

Winter strikes back

Picture: Mr Parfumista (c)

Winter strikes back again and today it's snowing as h--l ! Treating my self in the peachy, chocolate, rose, freesia, spicy, patchouli 1969 Parfum de Revolte from Histoire de Parfums trying to find "inspiration" to start with the yearly tax declaration of income. 1969 is a really nice, not too sweet, dessert like gourmand fragrance.

So then my spring-spring fragrancepost probably have to wait for some more weeks.

2 kommentarer:

  1. If I could get my hands on it, I'd wear Cartiers Déclaration ;)

  2. Thanks Sigrun for the funny remark :-)
    And now I have a bad conscience as I have not started the declaration excerise yet. Just had to browse through some perfumeblogs, check something at Basenotes, all the important daily routines that just can't wait.... :-)