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Histoire de Parfums – Blanc Violette

Picture: A Violet, viola sororia. Photo by: Hoodedwarbler12 (cc),
Wikimedia commons, some rights reserved

Blanc Violette is one of the fragrances in the Histoire de Parfums underline Soliloquies based on some of the classical notes. Blanc Violette is created by the HdP founder Gerald Ghislain and Magali Senequier

Blanc Violette starts with a powdery, aldehydic, retro accord that highlights the violets in the the lipstick-like way as seen in Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle Lipstick Rose and Etat Libre D'Orange Putain the Palace. But in Blanc Violette the violetnote is clearer compared to the other two and supported by other flowery notes of iris and ylang-ylang. In the middlenotes a lot of the powderness is toned down and a light, dry, white-peppery note appears, probably an element of the sandalwood in the base. Blanc Violette will continue as a rather shy but dominating violet supported by the other flowers and with a well-established contrast of anise and rice powder over a musky base with some light traces of vanilla. The anisenote never takes over the scent, as in many cases with this distinctive note, it's well interwoven, balances the other notes and gives the fragrance a special character. In style, not particulary in smell, there is a similarity with the chilly elegance of Jolie Madame by Pierre Balmain.

Blanc Violette is a chilly, yet soft scent that's perfect wearing during daytime in winter-spring and spring. It smells just like I imagine that the color light purple would smell. Both Lipstick Rose and Putain the Palace is warmer and more extrovert in style than the cool, understated elegant, yet comfortable Blanc Violette. Longevity of the day is so-so, just fragments remain in the evening.

Rating: 3 +

Notes: Violet, bergamot, iris, ylang-ylang, anise, sandalwood, ricepowder, musk, vanilla

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