måndag 23 april 2012

By Kilian - Water Calligraphy

Picture: Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies, 1899,
Oil on Canvas by Claude Monet (1840-1926), Wikimedia Commons

Taking a break in my spring-violet serie, reviewing the new ByKilians:

Sorry Kilian! Despite the creation Water Calligraphy by Calice Becker for ByKilian is a very nice, well executed water lily - lotus flower dominated fragrance it is a disappointment to med. This because WC :-) smells just like old (1996) Gala de Dia by Loewe rebottled.

Starts slight fruity, followed by white watery flowers which  conveys a natural, non-chemical, watery impression. It's like sitting in the shadow during a hot summerday at a small pond with water lilies and greenerys. WC is liniar in it's structure, well blended and with a great longevity and this fragarance willl cope with the hottest days during the summer. Wearable both for casual and to work. WC has similarities in style with Bulgaris watery, fruity, flowery Omnia Coral but the latter is sharper and headier than the sleeker WC.

To summon up: A nice, well blended, refreshing frag that I really like but it lacks the originality and non-copied style that I expect from a house in ByKilians pricerange.

Update April 2014: Water Calligraphy has grown to be a favorite watery, flower to me. I find it minimalistic and beautiful, it is calming and relaxing. It was in the end of last summer when Water Calligraphy suddenly "klicked" for me. I think that the minimalistic approach makes it easy to dismiss some of the Kilan fragrances at first. But the Kilian fragrances are not simple at all, on the contrary, they seems to have hidden layers that ensures the wearer will not loose interest over time. They are of god quality and easy to wear, sort of fragrance wardrobe staples. 

Rating: 5 (April 2014)
Rating: 3+ (April 2012)

Notes: Water lily, grapefruit, jasmine, magnolia, vetiver, cardamom

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