torsdag 9 februari 2012

Hassler Roma - Amorvero

Photo: Dinner at The Hassler´,
(c) Hotel Hassler, Roma

Amorvero is created by the italian nose Lorenzo Dante Ferro to catch the aura and the spirit of the posh, five star Hotel Hassler Roma, with traditions back in the nintheen century.

The discrete charm of Amorvero is perfectly catching the spirit of an establishment as Hotel Hassler. Amorvero opens as a classical oriental with bergamot and citrusy notes followed by distinctive ambery- floral elements. Something reminds me of the smell of understated, luxary soap that are present in first class hotels like Hassler. Despite the soapy association Amorvero isn't particulary soapy in it's drydown. The scent is somehow fleeting in it's texture. I'm trying the EDT version and as I understand, the EDP and perfume versions have more body and are more close to the skin. To me Amorvero EDT is a wearable daytime oriental that also can be worn in summerevenings without the risk of become cloying. Perfect for a romantic candellight dinner a warm summerevening in the eternal city.

There is something in the spirit of Amorvero that reminds me of Guerlains Vol de Nuit EDT, in some of the latest, but not the latest, formulation. As VdN is sharper and has more of a aldehydic irisy feeling, Amorvero smells more of ambery-wrapped white flowers and is softer, warmer, rounder and more sweet in it's character. The ackords of white flowers and oriental notes seems to be seamless and the blend is very well rendered. The sample of Amorvero EDT comes from Fragrance & Art

Rating: 4

Notes: Bergamot, citrus, mandarine, jasmine, tuberose, rose, sandalwood, vanilla, amber

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