fredag 17 februari 2012

Erik Kormann – Eau de Fröliche

Photo: Parfumista (c)

Eau de Fröliche by the Berliner soaptrader Erik Kormann is a sweet and happy little perfume, just as it’s name reveals. Little in the meaning that it conveys the feeling of the image of the little quite Pug that is featured on the bottle.  The name perfectly matches this blend.

Eau de Fröliche is perfume that could be classified as a light gourmand. It starts with notes of a bath foam that contains sweet, but not too sweet, berry notes. Despite this, Eau de Fröliche never develops to be cloying, it avoids cross the border of smelling, too sweet, berry and chemical as for exemple Vichy Tiel’s Sirène, a fragrance that come to my mind when testing Eau de Fröliche. According to the description of Eau de Fröliche there is inscense in the brew, but I can only smell diminutive traces of it, probably because I know it’s there.

Eau de Fröliche is a straight forward composition, pretty linear and by no means a complicated blend, wearable during daytime for most occasions. It’s the a typical NICE and non-offensive fragrance that doesn’t make a statement, it’s just comfortably there. Taken in consideration that there is something that reminds me of a more tuned down and polished  LUSH-product I think the price 65 EUR/50 ml is a little too high. This compared with the fact that you can receive a quality blend as for example a 100 ml Mona di Orio to the price of 125 EUR.

Rating: 2+

Notes: Raspberry, fruity notes, cardamom, frankincense, iris, tonka bean, tolu balsam, vanilla, patchouli, rosewood

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