torsdag 12 januari 2012

Cartier - Baiser Volé

Picture: Lilium longiflorum, Easter Lily.
Photo by UpstateNYer (cc), Wikimedia commons, some rights reserved

A freshly washed cashmerejumper white as snow, worn by an elegant woman in a large likewise elegant. white decorated living room. She is resting in front of the lighted fire in the marble fireplace in the center of the room. That's the image that Mathilde Laurents Baiser Volé evokes to me.

After some gentle citrusnotes and a light note of luxery detergent in the top, Baiser de Volé is a quite linear creamy, lily fragrance. If the fragrance had a texture it would be something like the showercreme of Dove. The lily is bright and crisp with a soft spiciness that feels like the natural spiciness of the lilyflower.  but in the same time it is warm, not cold as lily scents often are. The creamy aura reminds me of the creaminess of Burberry Body, but as Body features a pink rose, Baiser de Volé features the white lily.

When it comes to comparing BV to other lily fragrances I have to confess that I like it much better than Serge Lutens Un Lys. To me Un Lys is Lily of the valley and the scent is somehow fragmented and a little screamy and not as full blown as BV. Compared to the favorite lily of mine, Donna Karan Gold, Gold with it's woody- watery, dark lily notes is like a forest in the evening, with golden rays falling through the trees and something dark lurking in the background. As BV is another type of lily fragrance it has it's place even i a wardrobe already containing those.

Maybe Baiser de Volé is not the most complicated creation but on the other hand it's just lovely and cosy. And that's exactly what I need gray and chilly days. To my nose, one of the best releases among designer fragrances in 2011. I received my sample from Escentual.

Rating: 5

Notes: Citrusnoter, gröna blad, lilja/ Citrus, green notes, lily

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