onsdag 30 november 2011

Diesel - Loverdose

Picture: Licorice Wheels, Photo: Pikaluk, (cc)
Wikimedia Commons, some rights reserved 

Loverdose by Diesel made me curious as it is a typical "mainstream" fragrance which is quite well received by Octavian at 1000Fragrances who tend to be at bit fussy when evaluating new fragrancs. As I have a sample of it, provided by Escentual I just had to try. Here are my impressions.

The initial stage of Loverdose is a punch of licorice and jelly candy sweetness, on the verge of way to much. In the next stage the fragrance calms down and the  licorice settles in a jasminenote that is similar to the cold, syntetic jasmine in Thierry Muglers Alien. In Loverdose the Alien jasminnote is considerable dimmed. As Loverdose is dried down to the basenotes, a note that reminds me of tobacco also appears. The tobbaco note reminds med of a sweeter version of the tobacco in Juliette Has a Guns Calamity J.There also a rubbery, at the same time creamy feeling. Loverdose is quite linear and the middle and basenotes are interacting during its development featuring the licorice.

Loverdose reminds me of a lighter, sweeter and definitly younger Lolita Lempicka. Lolita Lempicka is, according to my opinion, a scent with more caracter and comlpexity, a grown-up scent. Old and grumpy, I prefer the Lolita, Loverdose somehow lacks sufficient depth or body compared to Lolita Lempicka and Alien. Loverdose is on the other hand, suitable to teens and young women as the fragrance is ligther and arier than Lolita.

Even if Loverdose all together is quite cosy and comfortable perfect for grey falldays, testing it at first threatend to be a lost day in Perfumeland to me. Maybe the conditions where unfair as I wore and finally understand Mona di Orios amzing Oud the day before. But as Loverdose dried down the sweetness was toned down and the woody notes, the Alien jasmine and the notes resembling tobacco and rubber where more predominent. Dispite the initial horror testing Loverdose I ended up quite content with my testing of Loverdose.

Rating: 3

Notes: Mandarin, anice, jasmine, gardenia, licorice, amber, vanilla, woods

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