torsdag 12 maj 2011

Vero Profumo - Rubj Extrait (english version)

Rubj is a dense and warm orangeblossom/jasmine perfume created by Swiss perfumer Vero Kern for her own perfumehouse Vero Profumo. The fragrance is of very high quality and begins with a warm and intense Moroccan orange blossom. In the middlenotes a wonderful jasmine-note reveals. It's fully without the hint of "chemical factory" that sometimes occurs in jasmine. I am also detec a lovely dark violet note, even if it's not mentioned among the ingredients. Everything rests on a base of sensual musk, wich also does not feel as a chemical fix.

Wearing Rubj feels like resting during a late afternoon in the shadow in an Arabian garden, lying on a divan wearing harem pants. The scent is quiet and it is so delicate that my nose constantly sniffing the wrists. The initial orange flower is very dense and not so watered down as in more ordinary orangeblossom perfumes  (excuse me Prada Infusion Fleurs d'Oranger and  SL Fleurs d'Oranger). The dark violet tone (I think it is) is very clear to me at the beginning of the middlenotes before the amazing jasmine takes the command.

I think that Rubj is wearable both at daytime and  for theevening hours. It is granted to always work excellent as an evening fragrance. Fits all year around and especially really hot summer nights. This is a true floral scent that is neither heavy nor sweet. It has a retro element but is still modern.

Rating: 5

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