fredag 20 maj 2011

Briefly - Citizen Queen (Juliette Has A Gun)

Impressions from a day of wearing another JHAG creation,  the almost battery, diffuse modern aldehyd scent with rose, Citizen Queen:

- Something of the note "biscuits in a tin can" that is also found in Agent Provocateur Maitresse. The modern aldehyde mixed with sweet as I understand.

- Aunt Warning according to Mr. Parfumista.

- Just as Calamity J. the other day, a diffuse and elusive scent with a small presence. Not much body and character.

- Perhaps I was going ansomic after a few hours. I felt hardly any of CQ even though I pressed my nose against my wrists repeatedly.

Not a bad scent but it introduces absolutely nothing new to me. Nothing brings a desire to explore it again, something that is actually present in Calamity J. Lady Vengeance and Midnight Oud is according to my opinion  the stars in JHAG: collection.

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