torsdag 5 maj 2011

Andy Tauer - Zeta

Picture: Winter-Linde, Franz Eugen Köhler,
Köhler's Medizinal-Pflanzen 1897, Wikimedia Commons,
some rights reserved (cc)

Going out, wearing Zeta and I was immediately attacked by a wasp. A wasp with superior taste. Beacause Zeta really is the essence of linden blossom, like linden just in bloom in a cloud of a light green-yellow nuance.

Zeta is the first parfum that is a part of Andy Tauers new line "Collectibles". As Zeta and the coming fragrances contains most natural ingredienses the different batches of the perfumes will smell partly different. Just like different years of a certain wine. A cleaver way to refine the business, if someone really fells in love whith one (or many : -) of the Collectibles that person probably will test blendings from differnt years of the favorite.

On my skin Zeta is a uncomplicated liniear one note perfume. But that note, the lindenblossom is not very common in perfumes. And of course there are lot of other ingredienses so well blended that my nose can't separate them and togeather they bring the brilliant image of linden blossom. Zeta is blended from what seems to be high quality, most natural ingredienses. It's the ultimate daytime spring/summer scent. There is almost no traces of the typical Andy Tauer basenotes the "tauerende" in Zeta, only for a very short moment i could smell a wisper of the base, somethin  in common with  the incense in Reverie du Jardin but much, much ligther and more transparant. Zeta has medium stayingpower on my skin. The only fragrance with some amount of linden blossom that I can remember I have tested is Parfums DelRae:s Dèbut. Dèbut is in my opinion heavier and smells more like some bubble bath product.

As I'm more in dark and dramatic fragrances Zeta is not completely my cup of tea. I like the typical heavier and darker Tauer-style more. But Zeta is a very beautiful, unusual, high quality fragrance and I can recommend it to everyone who is searching for the ulitmate spring-/summerperfume.

Rating: 3 (should be higher if Zeta was my style of perfume)

Notes: Lemon, bergamot, sweet orange, ylang-ylang, orange blossom, neroli, linden blossom, rose, orris root, vanilla, Mysore sandal.

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