lördag 30 april 2011

A superior perfume review

Nerly five years of writing and reading perfumereviews I have come to reslise what I think is important for a review to capture interest. Not all of the parameters mentiond below have to be included in every review but most of them.

* Some information about the perfumehouse and the perfumer/nose.
* The character of the fragrance, its fragrance family/ fragrance type. A description of how the fragrance develops through its various phases.
* If the fragance is similar to or i some other way could be associated with som other fragrances some of those should be exemplified. This makes it easier for the reader to place the fragance reviewed in the olifactory landscape.
*If the scent gives the reviewer a few specific associations they should be described, for example,specific people, events, things, ages, art, flora and fauna.
*A rating according to a fixed scale from an overall (basically) subjective impression of the fragrance by the reviewer.
*The notes that the fragrance contains according to the (or some of the) official description(s). If the reviewer also can feel other notes, those could also be interesting for the reader to know.
*The review should not be to extensive, could be to strenuous for the reader to go through the stuff.

On the other hand I do not consider price and information about where a perfum can be purchased is relevant unless you are a sponsored perfume blogger or have obtained samples from a supplier. But then however it is difficult to be objective, and anyone reading the review have to take in consideration the risk that the assessment weighs over to the better.

I think that Victoria on Bois de Jasmin, see my blog roll, writes very good and informative perfumereviews. She has perfected her reviewing this spring by adding grades to the reviews something that was missing in the past.
What do you think should be included in a good perfume review? Which perfume reviewer / perfume blogs (examples) will meet your requirements?

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