måndag 27 november 2017

Fragrantica Perfume Awards

Picture: Fallen falleaves
Photo: Parfumista (c)
An exciting initiative from Fragrantica - We at Fragrantica decided to organize our own community awards which will be fully driven by your suggestions and votes. You can nominate up to 5 fragrances in each category and vote for or against  of each nomination". 

The awardcategories, submitted & voted by the Fragrantica community, are:
  1. Best Fragrance Of All Times for Women
  2. Best Fragrance Of All Times for Men
  3. Best Unisex Fragrance Of All Time
  4. The Worst Fragrance Of All Time
  5. Best Women's Fragrance Voted by Men
  6. Best Men's Fragrance Voted by Women
  7. Best Discontinued Fragrance for Women, Bring It Back!
  8. Best Discontinued Fragrance for Men, Bring It Back!
  9. The Legend of the Latest Decade for Women
  10. The Legend of the Latest Decade for Men
  11. Best Fragrance of 2017 for Women
  12. Best Fragrance of 2017 for Men
  13. Niche Fragrance of 2017
  14. Most Innovative Fragrance of 2017
  15. Perfume House Of The Year
  16. Best Perfume Bottle of 2017
  17. Best Perfume Flanker of 2017
  18. Most Underrated Fragrance
  19. Most Overrated Fragrance
  20. Best Fragrance for Hot Days
  21. Best Fragrance for Cold Days
  22. Fragrance with the Best Longevity
  23. Best Bargain Fragrance for Women
  24. Best Bargain Fragrance for Men
  25. R.I.P - Beloved Perfumes Murdered by Reformulation
The voting is open 24 Nov to 1 Dec - Don't miss the chance to  have fun and to influence.

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