måndag 4 september 2017

In mood for tubereuse

Picture: My tuby companions
Photo: Parfumista (c)
Lately I've craving for tubereuse. It all started with my unsniffed purchase of Twilly d'Hermès, there where no tester in the airport tax free. As I trust Hermès, like Christine Nagels creations in general and tubereuse is one of the protagonists, Twilly was a safe bet. More about Twilly in a later post.

Twilly inspired me to rediscover the real deal and I started to wear some of my neglected tubereuse soliflores. Tubereuse is also the prefect flower for the transition from summer to early autumn, warm, embracing and calming.

In this post I'll compare the two tubereuse soliflores (or at least they're purports to be soliflores) I've worn the latest week: Annick Goutal Tubéreuse  (AGT) and Caron Tubéreuse (CT).

Both starts with an golden, warm, pollen/nectar flowery smell, in AGT this texture/impression is significantly amplified. The AGT smells like the greenery, the steam and some earth and grass from around the tubereuse plant is also blended in the juice. The AGT is robust, a bit harsh, like a wild, grassy, almost a bit oily, animalic and very natural smelling tubereuse. As character, it's the tough loner countryside tubereuse. Where AGT takes the rual path, CT domesticates to a polished, elegant tubereuse. CT has learned to interact and cooperate with some other white flowers as also juicy, soft fruits. Regardless of the companions, the tubereuse is the protagonist of the delicate bouquet and even if well mannered on the surface, the smell of nectar, rough greenery with an almost animalic touch, lurking in the depts and swirls up when least anticipated. CT is the ambiguous beauty of the posh salons.

Even if similarities from the characteristic notes of the tubereuse, the different characters of AGT and CT justifies to own them both. AGT is best suited for casual wearing and CT for professional or formal wearing.
And both are so beautiful, each in their own way.

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