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Perris Monte Carlo - Oud Imperial Edp & Extrait

Picture: Illustration from Persian version of
"One Thousand and One Nights" (1849-56)
Painter: Sani ol molk (1814-66)
Perris Monte Carlo Oud Imperial  is another, to my nose much more masculine take, on the oud theme than the earlier reviewed Bois d'Oud. As the other Perris fragrances,  Oud Imperial  is created by Luca Maffei. The first issue of Oud Imperial Edp was avaible in a golden bottle, after that there was some improvements in the raw materials and today Oud Imperial Edp is avaible in the black Perris bottle.

Starts cold, with a fresh woody character which reminds me of confier and has some similarities to accords in Robert Piguet Oud. Some wearings highlighets a note similar to petroleum which glimpses by, other wearings it's not that present. The same happens with a turphentine like note, similar to the one in Lorenzo Villoresi Piper Nigrum. When Oud Imperial dries further down it turns darker and warmer, with an oily texture and some light, smooth smoke. There is also something leathery to it. The oud becomes more present in this stage and it smells very autentic woody and it's lightly infused with a smooth almost nutty note which I think is present in sandalwood. Somehow Oud Imperial evokes the color of black, maybe the patchouli which is lightly present in the fragrance contributes to that. For most of it's dry down, Oud Imperial reminds me of a denser and darker interpretation of the excellent, dry Montale Original Aouds. Taken as a whole Imperial Oud is a dark and classy very masculine oud. It smells authentic, exotic woody and it's a quite complicated fragrance as it's highlighting different accords, notes and nuances in different wearings depending on dosage, season, weather etc.

The Oud Imperial Extrait is even more oily, darker and has more smoke to it. The leathery note is also more present. As an extrait it has not such radiance as the Edp, it'is a close skinscent, ticker and denser than the Edp. The versions complementing each other and to generalize the Edp is for daytime wearing and the Extrait for the evening.

Picture: Oud Imperial
Photo: PR Perris Monte Carlo (c)
Oud Imperial is very strong and has to be applied sparingly. It's a fragrance suitable for autumn and winter but could also be worn in dark, humid summernights. Sillage is strong and longevity for more then 24h for the Edp. The extrait has a close sillage and a lonegvity for 12h+, not as long as the Edp. As said above, this is a very masculine fragrance and frankly I don't feel comfortable to wear it even if I appreciate it's quality and good smell. On the other hand, Bois d'Oud is definitly my cup of tea.

Rating: 5 (on Mr Parfumista who enjoys this very much, especially the Edp and the impression in this post is                 just as much or even more his observations)
              Ratings are the same for both  Edp and Extrait.

Notes: Jasmine, caraway, incense, patchouli, saffron, oud, sandalwood, blackwood, cedar, labdanum, vetiver

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