måndag 5 oktober 2015

Five fab frags for fall 2015

Already in the middle of the autumn, which are probably the best days when it comes to wearing perfume over the whole year. Crisp and chilly days are contrasted with almost summery tempratures, the last traces of the summer. This encourages the use of fragrances representing quite different perfumestyles. Below some favorites for the mid season, excluding the ones I have tried and/or reviewed during the latest weeks.
Picture: Perle de Mousse
Photo: Parfums Ann Gerard (c)
Perle de Mousse (Ann Gerard): Many describes this as a springscent, probably because the Lily of the vally note which is one of the protagonists together with ivy and galbanum. To me it's autumn as I precieve it as golden, glowing, tart and dusky as the moisty forestfloor.
Picture: Eau Soleil
Photo: PR Parfums de Nicolaï (c)
Eau sOleil (Parfums de Nicolaï): From the 2013 Nicolaï summercollection of lighter and easy to wear fragrances. To me this warm and golden nerolifragrance where the citric notes are skillfully balanced with herbal notes is like a sunny day in the autumn, a warming sun with some crisp chilliness in the shadow.
Picture: La Religieuse
Photo: PR Serge Lutens (c)
La Religieuse (Serge Lutens): This subdued, slight soapy and animalic jasmine havn't many fans when reading comments and reviews. To me it's sort of contemplating and serene reminding me somehow of an everyday variation emerged from one of my most favorite SL:s ever, De Profundis.

Picture: Gucci by Gucci Edp
Photo: PR Gucci (c)
Gucci by Gucci (Gucci): I very much appreciate this contemporary chypre both in the darker fruitier Edp version as also in the more flowery Edt. It's dark, stripped patchouli with  its earthy freshness adds a contrasting dept to both versions. A modern classic.

Picture: Colonia Oud
Photo: PR Acqua di Parma (c)
Acqua di Parma Colonia Oud (Acqua di Parma): The top and middlenotes of this are fabulous, a flowery oud which reminds me of the slight flowery cambodian oud. In the basenotes it's more of a standard peppery woody (porbably cedar) oud but some of the flowery woody accord glimpses now and then.

Which are your mid-fall favorites?

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  1. Happy Autumn to you, Margareta. I enjoyed reading your list, even if I have never tried any of the perfumes on it. My mid-fall favorites: L'Artisan Tea for Two, Caron Tabac Blond, Donna Karan Black Cashmere (which I recently wore spritzed over Amouage Epic Woman, in a layering experiment that probably sounds like it was quite dense, but it turned out beautifully, with the incense in the Black Cashmere actually adding some lift and atmosphere to Epic Woman).

  2. Happy autumn to you also S :-) Tea for Two I really like, it would suit perfectly now when the temprature has fallen quite a bit compared to last weekend when I wrote the post. Donna Karan Black is also a wonderful contemporary classic. Intresting that the layering experiment turned out positive, to be honest when reading about the mix it seems terrifying :-) Tabac Blond I appreciate as the classic it is but somehow it hasn't captured me enough to wear it.