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Olfactive Studio - Panorama

Picture: Sheats Goldstein House, LA with panorama view
Photo: Miguel Sandinha, PR Olfactive Studio (c)
Panorama is the latest addition to the Olfactive Studio line. The green fragrance is inspired of the "urban jungle" and the amazing view from the famous Sheats Goldstein House, an extraordinary villa in Los Angeles. Panorama is created by perfumer Clement Gavarry.

Panorama starts green but not with the damp and moisty greeness that I associate with jungles. Instead it smells like some green Irish mist perfume, a cold, herbal, clover greeness, man cologne-ish in style. After a while Panorama gets warmer and spicier  and a gourmand note reminding me of the asian gourmand note in Neela Vermiere Creations Ashoka and also in  État Libre d'Orange Fils de Dieu du Riz et des Agrumes. Probably this is the wasabi note mantioned, but far away in strength compared to when eaten with sushi. There is also a light incense-pepper note lurking in the background and here there is something (minus some sweetness) that reminds me of Tauer Reveire du Jardin. After a while, cooler, fir-like,  greenery appears and once again Panorama feels very masculine. The basenotes is the most plesant part of Panorama, the blend has smoothing out, some almost flowery and earthy elements have joined the mix and suddenly I recognise an old acquaintance the rough and tough lady Balmain de Balmain which is much more distinct and interesting green blend compared to Panorama. Not much more is happening in Panorama, it's a safe linear, but quite different and a bit weird green blend which is almost refreshing in its apperance.

Picture: The Beautiful green liquid of Panorama
Photo: PR Olfactive Studio

Panorama is good for summer, office friendly. with close sillage and longevity for a day. Even if a unisex fragrance, to me it's more masculine which I also think of Balmain de Balmain which is marketed as a ladys fragrance.

Rating: 3

Notes: Bergamot, lemon, wasabi, violet leaves, fig leaves, galbanum, cardamom, freshly cut gras,  musk, vanilla, tonka beans, myrrh, labdanum, fir, patchouli

Thanks to Fragrance & Art for the Panorama sample to test

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