torsdag 25 juni 2015

Arquiste - Quick Impressions 2(3)

Picture:  Infanta Maria Teresa is handed over
for the wedding with Louis XIV on  l'Île des Faisans in 1659
Painting by 
The Arquiste quick impression session continues, in this entry with a complementing duo inspired of the marriage between Louis XIV the "Sun King" and his first wife Maria Teresa of Spain.

Infanta en Flor: The Infanta starts surprisingly a bit dirty, orangeblossom supported by a barnyardnote. But soon the Infanta smells freshly baded, the fragrances turns to a soapy, transparent, bubblebath orangeblossomsmell, the same bubblebath effect as the tubereuse in Flor y Canto but in Infanta en Flor the effect lasts during the whole dry down. Even if the bubblebath effect is evident, the orangeblossom deepens and get denser in the later part of Infanta en Flor and the dirty notes thankfully also returns.

Fleur de Louis: Sharper and more masculine in style than the Infanta, there is deeper, greener and woody notes accompaniying the orangeflower and iris in Louis. There is a wiff of conifers and the note of cedarwood is evident but it's not sharp or peppery at all. It is of a smooth, balsamic varity that induces the wowen patch smell that I like in fragrances as Comme de Garcons Jaisalmer and Musst de Cartier Edt vintage version.

Both Infanta en Flor and Fleur de Louis have medium sillage and longevity for about 24h. These two I like best of the Arquistes I have tried and of the two I find Fleur de Louis to be the most original.

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