måndag 26 januari 2015

Oriza L.Legrand - Héliotrope Blanc

Picture: Héliotrope Blanc
Photo: PR Oriza L.Legrand
Héliotrope Blanc is a recreation of a 1886 Oriza L.Legrand release on the sweet. powdery heliotrope-theme. Responsible for the recreation is as always, Oriza co-owner Hugo Lambert.

Héliotrope Blanc starts powdery mixed with the orangeblossom/violet. The powder is of the dry gunpowder type which is clearly present in fragrances such as Lorenzo Villoresi Teint de Neige and Mona di Orio Les Nombres d'Or Ambre, especially in the topnotes. After a while a bit strange, not at all unpleseant, vegetal note appears as some mouldering leaves where thrown into the brew. The vegetal note soon steps in the background and the powdery flowers continues featuring the sweet, but not sugary sweet, warm heliotrope. Tonkabean is also prominent in some stages. From the middlenotes to the late drydown in the basenotes where Héliotrope Blanc is secured with the typical Oriza ricepowdernote. Héliotrope Blanc makes an overall linear impression, no particular twists and changes, but cosy and nice to wear. When it comes to other Orizas, Héliotrope Blanc in style most reminds me of the more intricate Jardins D'Armide. Another fragrance with similarites to Héliotrope Blanc is Parfums de Nicolaï Kiss me tender, which is sweeter, cookielike and smells as it is edible.

Héliotrope Blanc has close sillage and god overday longevity. Suitable for most seasons and occasions but would not be recommended for the warmest months. A good, easy to wear, Oriza styled fragrance but not as intricate as especially the earliest  re-releases from the house.

Rating: 4 (2015)  /5 (2016)

Reassessment February 2016: Wearing Heliotrope Blanc is like relaxing in a cloud of fluffyness, HB is incredibly cozy and smells just fab. An uncomplicated fragrance which creates a cherful mood. Perfect for grey days and Mondays.

Notes: Orangeblossom, violetleaf, almond, heliotrope, iris, mimosa, musk, risepowder, benzoin, tonkabeans

4 kommentarer:

  1. Hej Parfumista :-) Jeg ser først din blog nu, det er så godt at se skandinaviske parfumblogs.
    So funny, I was just testing Royal Oeillet and stumbled across your review, then checked what your newest review was, and look; it's the other sample I ordered from the line Heliotrope Blanc. I'll be testing that tomorrow. God dag

  2. Hej Asali, parfymintresset har ju inte varit särskilt stort i Skandinavien men ökar sakta men säkert. Trevligt att jag nu har jag hittat din blog också :-)
    What a coincidence with the Orizas I really like the line and especially the first releases as Reve d'Ossian, Oeillet Louis XV and Relique d'Amour. The whole line is well worth testing I think.

    1. Ja, jeg skal lige have dig på min blog-roll. Du har ret det er ikke mange, jeg tror endnu færre i DK end i Sverige, og så svært at få fat i de interessante parfumer.
      Yes, I like the line too, although I think I prefer Royal Oeillet to Louis XV as a 'proper' carnation :-)

  3. Lägger till dig också.I'm with Youtube RO is a better interpretation ofta carnation butik I like to wear Louis better