måndag 24 november 2014

By Kilian - Intoxicated

Picture: In Cafe at Hotel Sacher, Wien
Photo: Deror avi (cc) Wikimedia commons,
some rights reserved
Intoxicated is the third tested fragrance in the new By Kilian subline Addicted State of Mind. The fragrance is created by the almost By Kilian inhouse nose Calice Becker.

Opens delicious with something which smells as a very dry lavendel note combined with coffe, cream and cardamom. Instantly the coffe-cream-lavendel  Belle en Rykiel  from Sonia Rykiel  comes to my mind but Belle is sweeter and more gourmand in style, Intoxicated is like an ariy, subtle version. After a while Intoxicated moves a step further compared with Belle and Intoxicated  is further warmed up with more light, sort of airy interpreted spices with an offsetting fizzy accord/note which is present from now on.

During the whole drydown, Intoxicated seems to be injected with some special almost fizzy aromatic notes but  the notes are not of the full herbal quality. Instead the impression is as some parts of some aromatic notes have been separated and then mixed to a new version of an aromatic note. Anyway, that note or accord  perfectly counterbalances  the sweetness from coffe,cream and the warmth of the spices.
Finally, in  the basenotes, Intoxicated ends up in a  pleasant mix of fresh cardamon in a caffe latte, suported by the rest of  the spices. very cozy and awesome to wear a grey, rainy autumnday. There is also the  fizzy, woody quality  (described above) in the base that brightens it up and avoid that Intoxicated ends up too dense and sweet which is always a risk with "café-inspired" fragrances. There are also traces of something dark, similar to patchouli.

Intoxicated is IMO the stand out (at least when it comes to what's pleasant for me to wear, when it comes to originality Smoke for the Soul takes the prize) in the Addicted State of Mind-trio. Wearing this well balanced blend gives the image of visitning a cosily café and stay there for hours a gloomy autumn afternoon. It's a pleasure to wear, makes the wearer happy and it is suitable for daytime wear during the cold season. The sillage is close, and there is overnight longevity. Even if not a groundbreaking composition Intoxicated is so delicious, nice to wear and comfortable that it deserves:

Rating: 5

Notes: Cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, coffee

torsdag 20 november 2014

By Kilian - Light My Fire

Picture: The Doors -
personalizing "Light My Fire"
Photo: PR from 1968, Wikipedia commons
Light My Fire is the second fragrance I have tested in the new Addicted state of Mind trio from french nichehouse By Kilian. Pefumer is Sidonie Lancesseur.

Light My Fire starts with boozy tobacco executed in the higher octaves of the fragrancenotes scale. Despite that booze/tobacco traditionally is dark, deep and warm notes, here they are somehow high-pitched and almost cold. After a while a pleasant bubblegumnote, similar to that note in Jean Paul Gaultier 2 but more subtle, appears and softens the tobaccoleaves. A bit sharp, green note, paste-like in texture shows up as a contrast. This note reminds me of the spicy green, foody note in Etat Libre d'Orange Fils de Dieu du Riz et des Argumes. In the early dry down this note is slight metallic and in some stages Light My Fire reminds me of a softer version of the original Gianfranco Ferre Homme with its special, metallic, oriental, tobacco and spicy notes. There are also something familiar with the old Fendi Uomo but lighter in texture. As Light My Fire dries further down the green note becomes almost fizzy and with fresh vibes and smells almost like like geranium for a. When Light My Fire settles in the basenotes a harmonius blend of tbbacco, hay, light patchouli and some supporting vetiver are dominating. The green, spicy note still there but not as not as clear as before. In this stage I smell some similarities with the tobacco of Serge Lutens Fumerie Turque but in Light My Fire the note is thinner and lighter. The basenotes is the most pleasant phase of the perfume and the patchouli interacting with the tobacco, adds a welcomed depth to the fragrance. In the basenotes there is a similarity in expression with Frapin Speakeasy.

Compared to THE tobacco perfume of By Kilian Back to Black, Light My Fire may be likened with blond, fresh tobacco suitable for a light cigarette and Back to Black to ripe, deep, dark pipe tobacco.
Light My Fire is a pleasant and wearable perfume, nothing groundbreaking but good. It suits best for autumn and winter as for most occasions. Sillage is close and longevity for more than a day.

Rating: 4

Notes: Cumin, hay, patchouli, vetiver, honey, vanila, tobacco

måndag 17 november 2014

By Kilian - Smoke for the Soul

Picture: Kilian himself personify
his new line - Addicted State of Mind
Smoke for the Soul
Photo: PR By Kilian (c)
Smoke for the Soul is one of three fragrances that constitutes the start of a new By Kilian subline called "The addicted state of mind.  Smoke for the Soule is created by perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin.

Smoke for the Soul starts cold and slight mentholic, probably from the eucalyptus, soon a bitter citric note appears,  followed by a note close to dry, unsweet liquorice. After a while the smoke appears, a smoke similar to the smell of a forest fire. When the smoke subsides, the cold green mentholic accord comes forward again, accompanied by a natural smelling cardamon note. There is also something that smells similar to wet tobaccoleaves glimpsing in the background. The overall structure is sharp, woody, cold spicy/herbal.
Picture: Smoke for the Soul
Photo: PR By Kilian (c)

Overall Smoke for the Soul is a weird perfume. At first it's easy to be confused and condemn it as a high-end but easy going fragrance, likable for most people. But soon I become aware of my mistake, Smoke of the Soule is alternately repulsive and likeable, feels alternately refreshing and depressing. It has something familiar but overall it's a strange composition. It's lighter and more fleeting than some other fragrances with "drug" elements such as Nasomatto Black Afgano ticker, a bit sweeter and fullbodied compared with SftS and Parfumerie Generale Cozë also sweeter,denser and more spicy/herbal. When the fresher sides of SftS shines through, there is something (the chilly herbal quality) in the overall apperance that reminds med of
De Bachmakow from The Different Company.

Smoke for the Soul is suitable (in small doses) for daytime wear but not in too warm or too cold temperatures, perhaps autumn and spring is the best seasons for this fragrance. Overnight longevity and sillage is close. It's classified as unisex and I agree with that, it's totally genderless.

Not my favorite By Kilian but as always with the Kilians a wellcrafted, high quality fragrance that at least creates a reaction, which is not common among the current releases.

Rating: 4

Notes: Eucalyptus, grapefruit, tobacco, mate, birch, cashmirwood, cannabis, cardamom

måndag 10 november 2014

L'Artisan Parfumeur - Mon Numero 10

Picture:  Cover of the pulp magazine Oriental Stories
(Spring 1932, vol. 2, no. 2)  featuring 
Scented Gardens by Dorothy Quick.
Cover art by Margaret Brundage, Wikimedia commons
Mon Numero 10 is created by  the highly productive perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour for the well known, pioneer, nichehouse L'Artisan Parfumeur.

Mon Numero 10 starts with a very special accord which smell almost like stewed fruits in  liqueur. Soon a clean airy incenseote appears, similar to the clean incense in Andy Tauers Incense Extreme. The incense is followed by a very well mixed note of cedar which smells like smooth pencil shavings, the note of pencil shavings I sometimes percieve as too sharp. Leather is another note which slowly evolve and becoming clearer in the middle of Mon Numero 10 and together with the other notes the fragrance adopts an almost furry texture. From here on, Mon Numero 10 smells similar to the iconic Fendi  Femme (original) but thinner and sweeter, like a contemporary, slight gourmand adaption to the classical Fendi theme. I could also detect Chanel Coco. This pleasant phase goes on until the later stages where suddenly the sweet, cinnaber infused, glüwein accord found in Parfumerie Generale Un Crime Exotique appears.

Picture: L'Artisan Parfumeur Mon Numero 10
Photo: PR L'Artisan Parfumeur
Mon Numero 10 is a perfect oriental for fall and winter, comforting and with  interesting twists as described above. The longevity is good, for a day and with traces left the following morning, it's especially these remaining notes which are very close to Un Crime Exotique. As Mon Numero 10 appears as an intresting mix of other attractive perfumes it somehow feels like Duchaufour was not especially inspired when he composed this blend, it's like this fragrance was created by routine. Despite this Mon Numero 10 is a good, multifacetted and wearable oriental. If I had not been familiar with the other perfumes which I detect in this fragrance and also liked each of them better than the "merged" fragrance, I would have considered more than a sample of Mon Numero 10.

Rating: 4 (November 2014)

Rating: 5 (Re-rated in June 2015 as I liked No 10 even more when tested after the review. It turned to be a fragrance which I couldn't get out of my mind = FBW)

Notes: Fennel, bergamot, aldehydes, pink pepper, cardamon, cinnamon, cabreuva, leather, incense, rose, geranium, jasmine, cedar, musk, vanilla, benzoin, hyrax, heliotrophe, tonka been, styrax, ambregris

Thanks to Fragrance & Art  for the sample

torsdag 6 november 2014

Parfum d' Empire - quick reviews

Recently, I (and Mr Parfumista) tested some almost forgotten samples from the wellcrafted Parfum d'Empire line, all the samples is from the "old" line ie before the change in bottledesign.
Below some quick impressions:
Picture: Yuzu Fou (old bottle)
Photo: PR Parfum d'Empire (c)
Yuzu Fou: Citiric, kumquat and bitter orange notes contrasted with different bright, green notes such as bamboo and verbena. Creates a sunny and warm impression and a touch of something fizzy spicy as ginger. Goes much better with Mr Parfumistas skinchemistry than mine.
Picture: Osmanthus Interdite (old bottle)
Photo: PR Parfum d'Empire (c)
Osmanthus Interdite: This osmanthus is just lovely, it reminds me of another light and tender favorite but featuring another flower, ByKilian Imperial Tea.
Picture: Equistrius (old bottle)
Photo: PR Parfum d'Empire (c)
Equistrius: Strangely enough this is said to be an iris as it smells close to Antonio Visconti Rose Savage but on the other hand  neither the iris in E or the rose in RS are particularly clear or dominant, they are just parts of two elegant and well crafted fragrances.
Picture: Wazamba (old bottle)
Photo: PR Parfum d'Empire (c)
Wazamba: A gentle and unusually warm incensefragrance with some slight sweet, spicy notes. It is said to be inspired of Africa and I could agree as it has that warm and different twist compared to  the  austere styled cold european incenses. Great longevity.
Picture: Fougere Bengale (old bottle)
Photo: PR Parfum d'Empire (c)
Fougere Bengale: One of the best blond tobacco scents out there, smells pure and authentic as freshly harvested tobaccoleaves. A winner for Mr Parfumista.

Fragrance & Art carries the full line and have some bottles left of some of the Pd'E fragrances in the old styled bottles to the old considerably lower price.

måndag 3 november 2014

Parfum d'Empire - Cuir Ottoman (new & old version)

Picture: Sultan Selim III holding an audience in
front of the Gate of Felicity.
Oil on canvas, Topkapı Sarayı Müzesi, Istanbul,
Wikipedia commons
Cuir Ottoman is created by ISIPCA perfumer Marc-Antoine Corticchiato for his own perfumehouse, Parfum d'Empire. Parfum d'Empire is a house that produces first class perfumes to decent prices (to be niche) also after the re-packing, and it also seems to, slight revison of the earlier fragrances. When it comes to Cuir Ottoman, revision is definitly the case at least to my nose when comparing the first version launched in 2006 with the new one.
Picture: Cuir Ottoman (old)
Photo: PR Parfum d'Empire (c)
Cuir Ottoman starts leathery-floral, the newer one airier and with more flowers than the older one. After a while the old one becomes a bit smokey, supported by a rubbery note, slight similar to the rubber in Bulgari Black. The rubbernote is intricate and surpringly shifts between the rubber and a note similar to something to a flowery bubblegumnote. When the new version developes, the higher octaves of the scentscale and the more flowery impression remains. Instead of the rubbery note in the old version, I smell a note close to gunpowder balancing the flowerinfused leather. The new version is a tad more feminin in style, more elegant than the more masculine tougher and rougher old version, somewhat like the elegant Chanel Cuir de Russie compared to the masculine Knize Ten even if not smelling the same. As Cuir Ottoman dries down in the still leathery basenotes, I find new and old version becoming more alike than in the earlier stages, even if the old version is a tad more spicy and deeper.

Cuir Ottoman is a very good leather fragrance in the basic classic style that every fragrance wardrobe needs. Not demanding or or particularly innovative but a well made and well balanced leather in a timeless style. When writing this review, a grey autumn Sunday, I slightly prefer the old version, which with its a bit darker facetts is suitable for autumn and winter. But if the testing was performed in spring/summer I maybe would prefer the new version.
Picture: Cuir Ottoman (new)
Photo: PR Parfume d'Empire (c)
Cuir Ottoman is appropriate for most occasions (apart from working out) and seasons (though not in the hottest summer). Longevity is good, for more than a day, and sillage is somewhere between close to medium. To conclude, Cuir Ottoman is definitely a leather to consider when adding a classic "Cuir" to ones wardrobe.

Rating. 5

Notes: Iris, jasmine, leather, vanilla, tonka bean, incense

Thanks to Fragrance & Art  for a sample of the new version

lördag 1 november 2014

Blog Anniversary - 8 years today

Today it's eight years since my first entry (in swedish) on old "Parfumistans dagbok" = "The diary of Parfumista". It was about my long time passion for perfume, my first perfumememories of my mothers signaturefragance Dior Diorissimo etc. Looking back, if I had put all the effort that I put in blogging and the money spend in perfume in managening a stock portfolio instead, I would be halfway to be financially independent by now :-). On the other hand, I  probably would have smell less intricate.

Perfumes I crave and wear at the moment:

Guerlain L'Heure Bleue Edt & Edp (vintage): Both magnificent, Edt airier, drier and with an almost herbal touch, Edp dark and like velvet in texture, sweeter and with more flowery notes.

YSL Opium Edt (current): I love also the current formula, deep, spicy, dark woody. Perfect for fall and winter and with a excellent longevity.

Montale Aoud Red Flowers Edp: A non-oudy oud from Montales oud-line. Lipstick texture, tagets with traces of tobbacco. Sort of vintage feeling.

Farmacia SS Annunziata Gelsorosa Edp: The best jasmine (supported by orangeblossom and tubereuse) I have tested so far. Intensive and musky-animalic.

Chanel Cuir de Russie Edt: Powdery, aldehydic, leather, with a lipstick texture. Like the smell from inside an elegant purse.

Pictures above: PR Guerlain, Yves Saint Laurent, Montale, Farmacia SS Annunziata, Chanel (c)

PS: Out of nostalgia I publish this post at 14:02 PM exactly the same moment as the first entry eight years ago.