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Oriza L.Legrand -Vétiver Royal Bourbon

Picture: The great vetiver  Vétiver Royal Bourbon
Photo: PR Oriza L.Legrand (c) 
Vétiver Royal Bourbon is another sucessful reinterpretation/reconstruction of an old (1914) Oriza L.Legrand formula. As usual conducted by Oriza the co-owner, perfumer Hugo Lambert.

Vétiver Royal Bourbon starts with uplifting notes who complements the gingerfacet of vetiver and the impression is fizzy, sparkling almost gauzy. The imagined color is bright green. As Vétiver Royal Bourbon dries down, the darker, almost juicy-rooty-grassy aspects steps forward and the imagined color is medium green-grey in a velvet texture. A smooth, natural dry, spicyness also appears. When reaching the basenotes the multifacetted vetiverblend finds its stable foundation a slight smoky, boozy  base. Here an ambery brown has joined the imagined color of the fragrance.

Vétiver Royal Bourbon is an extraordinary vetiver. It's dense but not in a heavy or cloying way and it smells very natural as I imagine oils of the highest qualties of the vetiver grass are smelling. As mainingredient for the fragrance the finest and rarest vetiver from Réunion Island (Isle de Bourbon) also is used. Compared to the gold standard true vetiver "solivetiver" Les Nez Turtle Vetiver Excercise 1 by Isabelle Doyen, Vétiver Royal Bourbon is in the same leauge. Comparing the two, Vétiver Royal Bourbon is a more polite and civilized take on the natural smelleing vetiver,  comfortable chit-cating in the royal salons whereas Turtle is the the noble savage  the entering from the huge forest. Just as Turtle, Vétiver Royal Bourbon isn't as diluted as the bulk of vetiverfragrances avaible today, it feels like there are a higher concentration of the vetiveroil in both these excellent fragrances. Vétiver Royal Bourbon is a vetiver for lovers of the real thing, not the common, diluted versions of the note. A true gem.

Picture: The perfect match for Vétiver Royal Bourbon, 
the newly installed Bourbon (Borbón) king ,
HM King Felipe VI of Spain.
Photo borrowed from the net, photograph 
The review is based on wearings both by me and the vetiverconnoisseur Mr Parfumista, whos top vetiverfragrance of all times is the above mentioned Turtle Vetiver Excercise 1. Despite the similarities with the Turtle, Mr Parfumista is strongly considering adding Vétiver Royal Bourbon to his collection and that´'s a good rating as he very rarely buys a full bottle, the latest was by the best Oriza of them all, Chypre Mousse. Vétiver Royal Bourbon is classified as unisex and it is, even if I think it's leaning to the masculine side. Beeing a vetiver, the fragrance is exceptionally suitable for dressed up occassions but is also appropriate for office or as casual-chic. The longevity is good, about a day and the sillage is pleasantly present.

Rating: 5

Notes: Peppermint, thyme, vetiver, labdanum, iris, sandalwood, juniper, leather, styrax, immortelle, tobacco, oakmoss

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  1. I read so many great reviews for Chypre Mousse that I bought a small decant in a split (it usually makes better financial sense than buying a sample from a decanter site). It turned to be a real scrubber on me: I can't actually wait for it to disappear, I have to wash it off. It doesn't happen too often to me so I was very surprised. And now I'm super-cautious about this brand. I mean, I'll probably still test this brand if I either come across it somewhere at a store or get a sample in a swap but I'm definitely not paying for that.

  2. The only fragrance which I (so far) found has similarities to Chypre Mousse is Kerosene Creature, both have an accord/note which is green, slight flowery and on its way to decay. When I tested Creature it smelled as garbage, a real scrubber. On the other hand, when Mr Parfumista tried Creature it smelled quite good. Chypre Mousse is also smelling better on him, maybe this particular green note/accord is better mixed with the pH of maleskin.