torsdag 29 maj 2014


Picture: The entry of Gustav Vasa,
the future king Gustav I of Sweden
to Stockholm in Midsummer Eve 1523
Painting by Johan Gustav Sandberg (1782-1854)
This year I'm taking a break for summer. June is the the brightest month up here in the North with the cresendo in Midsummer. Even if vacation is far away, one really have to take care of these rare summerevenings when coming home from work. Of course I'll chime in with one or another entry, but it will not be on a regular basis.

I wish you a great summer!

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  1. Here's wishing you a very happy summer! I think you're very wise to enjoy the gorgeous long days and that beautiful quality of light.

    In my usual way, I just came and read a whole bunch of your posts at once, and those Rania J posts were all so enjoyable. (And you have a great knack for finding the perfect illustration ... I especially loved the illustration you had for the jasmine perfume from that line. Exquisite.)

  2. Thank you so very much, dear Suzanne. And this must be telepathy or something: Just at time when you were writing your comment, I was on the Perfume Journal really enyoying your article about Caron Tubereuse with your spot on associations to Countess Olenska in one of my favourite movies "The Age of Innocence"

    Have just realised that Caron (just as AG & PdN who were the houses on my radar) is discontinuing some fragrances (for example Bellodgia) in connection with the launch of the new bottles and some new fragrances. Can't find Tubereuse on the Caron website anymore. When it comes to Rania J. I suppose the posts where quite inspired as I like the line som much. And finding the illustrations is half of the fun :-)
    I wish you also a great summer!

  3. Oh my gosh, Margareta, you're right: I went straight to the Caron website just now, and I couldn't find it either. Perhaps it didn't have a lot of fans (on the blogs, it doesn't seem to have many fans), which rather perplexes me, as I think it's exquisite - and now I'm happy to learn that you like it too.

    (And it's so great to learn that "The Age of Innocence" is one of your favorite movies. Thanks so much for your sweet comment about my review.)

  4. It's a pleasure reading the Perfume Journal :-)