torsdag 17 april 2014

Fragrances for Easter

Picture: Easter postcard early 20th century
Wikipeda Commons
During the years my Easterfragrances mostly have been from the following cathegories: Incense, gourmand or green. This year therefore I'll feature one favorite from each category that will fit for Easter in some sense.

Passage d'Enfer (L'Artisan Parfumeur): The well balanced incensenote combined with an elegant white lily gives me associations of a cathedral in Easter. Rays of springlight flowing through the high, gotic windows and the voices from the choir is rises towards the gotic arches.

Imperial Tea (ByKilian):Technically this is of course not a gourmand but as I've a bit stomach ache and less appetite than usual, nothing really gourmand attracts me at the moment. It does however this refreshing and calming jasminetea fragrance. Review will follow next week.

Déjà de Printemps (Oriza L. Legrand): What could be more springlike green than the crisp and fresh leaves of springtime bulbflowers, fresh grass and glimpses of Lily of the Vally. Déjà de Printemps captures a just blooming springgarden perfectly.

Happy Easter!

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  1. I've made a point of taking almost finished samples to my in-laws and wearing them up. My Easter lineup is on the floral side and so far I've worn:
    Malles, Fleur de Cassie (yellow in a shade of no other scent)
    Lutes, De Profundis (this one just keeps getting better and better)
    Goutal, Grand Passion EdT (spring florals with an old fashioned feel about them)
    Malle, Iris Poudre (a great sleeping scent, I like it best 8 hours after application where most of the soapiness is gone)

    1. I also had an "emptening the samples campaign" even if it hard I have managed some of them, for example the comforting AG Le Mimosa from you. I'm also testing the Rania J:s. Oud Assam is great and Rose Ispharta very special. Havn't understand Iris Poudre yet, have to dig up my sample and try it once again - and maybe finish the sample.

  2. Passage d'Enfer ... it's been a long time since I smelled it, but my memory of it is intact and yes! Perfect for Easter, even the cool little draft that often accompanies the weather on the Easter holiday is in that one.

    Happy Easter to you and yours, Margareta.

  3. I hope your Easter will be Happy and with warm weather Suzanne. Here it's now almost summertepratures and the violets are blooming and smelling just like AG La Violette.