måndag 31 mars 2014

Vero Profumo Voile d'Extraits - Summary

Picture: Vero Kern with her Mito Edp
Photo: PR Vero Profumo (c)
My conclusion from testing the Volies d'Extraits and comparing from my testing of the Extraits and what I remember form my earlier testings of the Edp:s is:

* The Edp and Extraits/Voiles d'Extraits are different enough to justify owning one from each category if you are a Vero aficionado.

* When it comes to the Extraits vs Voile d'Extraits there is more of a question which version to own, ie if you prefer you fragrance in the higher octaves or in the lower register of the scale.

Overall the perfumes of Vero Kern is intriguing, high quality creations with great personalities and the line is flexible enough to let everyone find his/her favorite version.

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