onsdag 1 januari 2014

The fragrance of New Years Eve

Photo: Mr Parfumista (c)
As the winter here in the north is the warmest in decades and New Years Eve is more like a mid-autumn or mid-spring day in temprature the choice was also unusual for this day. Instead of a dark and heavy scent I chose a light and transparent fragrance, a sample that I unfortunately have forgotten for over six month but was reminded of when reading all the Best of 2013 lists: Marni (by Marni).

Marni definitly should be included in my Best of 2013 list (or maybe the 2012 if the releasedate on Fragrantica is correct), even if I discovered the last day. It's transparent but in the same time it has strength and lasts, it is both cold and warm in character, refreshing but also comforting and calming. A great mainstream fragrance, created by one of my favorite noses, Daniela Andrier which also created the first female classic of this century: Prada Infusion d'Iris.

The warmer spicy-incense part of Marni reminds me of the from the perfumecommunity surprisingly dissesd 2013 release Vaara from Penhaligons, a fragrance which I like very much. The colder aspects reminds me of one of the early "Noveau Chypres" Perles de Lalique, a more intense, deep and in the same time icy cold, rose-woody combo with characteristic pencilshavingnotes. The rose/incense/spices also reminds me of what Caron Parfum Sacre could be if it would appear in an Eau Fraiche variation. Very oddly a light and smoother trace of the "päronsplit"-note (swedish icecream, vanilla icecream covered with pear-ice, popular among children, more about htis see earlier post on Riktig Parfym) in Angelique Noir glimpses by. or maybe it's not that strange, A N is also created by Daniela Andrier.

A very wearable fragrance, easy to wear, comforting and a good officescent. Will be perfect for the coming spring and also for the winter if these tempratures stays.

Rating: 5

Notes: Bergamot, spices, rose, cardamon, cinnamon, vetiver, cedarwood, incense, patchouli

2 kommentarer:

  1. Måste testa denna, den dyker upp lite här och där! :)
    Min nyårsparfym var Maison martin Margiela Replica Lazy Sunday morning.
    Lätt, lätt doft av lakan som hängt på tork, passande i "vårvädret".
    Tycker om den, men tyvärr varar den bara en timme eller två på mig.
    Måste testa Marni! :)
    Allt gott/Eva S.

  2. Klart testvärd, jag har haft Marni idag också och att jag har en doft två dagar i rad är allt annat än vanligt, har verkligen fallit för den. Idag när det är lite fuktigare väder blir basen mer kalkig och det finns vissa likheter med Chanel 1932 fast ros istället för jasmin. Vetiveren träder också fram mer. En vinnare!


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