lördag 18 januari 2014

Guilty (perfume) pleasures

Picture: My guilty perfumepleasure -
Jimmy Choo Flash
Photo: PR Jimmy Choo (c)
Sigrun at perfmeblog  "Riktig Parfym" is describing a sort of a guilty perfumepleasure in yesterdays post.
My guilty perfume pleasure is definitely Jimmy Choo Flash. In theory, or at least in the view of perfumesnobbery (which I'm not, I hope, but Mr Parfumista sometimes accuses me to be) I shouldn't like this almost insipid tubereuse/jasmine/orangeblossom with a flashy twist of strawberry (just as Sigruns Miss Dior Cherie - strange, the same berry AND Christine Nagel as creator :-) and catchy, bling-bling box. But somehow I'm attracted to this fragrance, which I find relaxing and comforting, quite contrary to the marketing of the fragrance which mediates images of a glamorous but hectic life in the limelight. But for me strangely, it makes me calming down a stressful day. A hidden gem among "mainstream".

Picture: The official image of Flash
Photo: PR Jimmy Choo (c)

2 kommentarer:

  1. I had to go look up Christine Nagel right away, who knows what I might be missing! And Flash Jimmy Choo I will most definitely try on the way home when I pass either PUB-gllerian or the big Åhlens near Sergels torg :)

  2. Try it, a fastidious (when it comes to perfume and style) friend of mine tried a spritz or two of Flash today and instantly liked its relaxing and "good for everyday wear" qualities.