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Ramón Monegal - Quintaesencia

Picture: La Rambla, Barcelona
Photo: Flickeruser Oh barcelona.com, (cc)
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Quintaesencia my Christmas Eve perfume is created by spanish perfumer Ramón Monegal for the Christmas and New Years Holidays of 2012. When I tried it at that time it was a very limited almost "secret" editon but it seems as for Christmas 2013, Quintaesencia is prepared for a wider distribution in the regular Ramón Monegal "Inkwell" bottles, don't know in which concentration, My review is describing the initial perfume.

The Quintaesencia perfume is attempted to catch the essence of Ramóns hometown, the beautiful and rich in ancestry, Barcelona. The fragrane is very unique as it uses one of the famous amberbases, created by the house of Myrurgia (Ramón is an descendant of this perfumehouse, the Guerlain of Spain), over fifty years ago. Those amberbases were then bought by Jaques Guerlain to be used in the excellent Guerlain-creations of the time.

Wearing the beautiful blend of Quintaesencia I immediately get the following associations:
1) Quintaesencia captures the spirit of Caron Nuit de Noël, there is a furry, almost oily note, some supporting, very fine and fresh, true smelling  leather and a liquor-orangepeel-herbal-rose touch that intermediate a vintage feeling. I can also smell (what I'm thinking is) some subdued oud in the basenotes. I can imagine an elegant fur, cutted in the 1920s fashion with a wide shawl collar.
2) Quintaesencia is the olfactory image of the Carlos Ruiz Zafón Barcelona novels (The Angels Game, The Shadow of The Wind), it somehow captures the eternal spirit of these stories as also the likewise eternal spirit of "Cathedral of the Sea" (La Catedral del Mar) by Ildefonso Falcones. So Ramóns attempt to catch the city of Barcelona in a perfume is indeed very successful.
Picture: Santa Maria del Mar
Photo: Paolo da Reggio (Paolo Picciati)
Wikipedia Commons
The perfume is like a golden nectar, a bit syrupy in character, dark and velvety. Almost as a smooth oil to treat oneself with during cold winterdays. But Quintaesencia is also lovely to wear during a warm summerevening. The dark, almost oily quality is somehow similar with an attar and attars are generally blooming beautifully under warm weather conditions.

Rating: 5

Notes: I don't know the notes but my nose can imagine the following: Fur, leather, liquor, orangepeel, herbs, dark rose, honey, oud, wood, dark musk

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