lördag 9 november 2013

Fragrance(s) of the week (45) - Jaded but enchanted

Picture: Fall is almost already over.
Photo: Mr Parfumista (c)
The more fragrances I sniff and/or test, of course just a dimunitive part of the steadily increasing flood of new launches and new houses, the more jaded.Even if a good fragrance as such, there is not so often a fragrance really moves me, even if I can apprediate its composition and good ingredients etc. I see myself more and more longing for the classics (even if reformulated) both older and contemporary classics. Also old reaible houses which have been around for a while, don't overdo and mess the fragrances up, or is just too much in appearance, gets my appreciation. Such houses as Guerlain, Chanel, Hermès, Annick Goutal, Robert Piguet, Parfums de Nicolaï, Serge Lutens some Diors, Maître Parfumeur et Gantier. From newer, but today well established houses, Puredistance, Andy Tauer, Ramon Monegal and By Kilian seldom dissapoint.

To wear the classics, if gentle reformulated with the spirit of the fragrance perserved, is enchanted and never boring. Each fragrance has its own individual profile and it's not one in a dozen (at least) of the similar smelling crowd. When writing this I'm craving classic Guerlains; Shalimar, Liu and Mitsouko,classic Chanels as No 22, Cuir de Russie and the contemporary classic No 5 Eau Premiere and the also contemporary Hermès classic Eau de Merveilles. But honestly I seldom wear them as I'm too curious to resist sampling new frags :-).

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  1. Jag håller med dig, det är sällan den där wow-känslan infinner sig.
    Men jag är lite tagen över hur Montale Attar fångat mig!
    Inte alls "jag" egentligen, men vilken tröst och glädje och styrkegivare en regnig novemberdag! :) Älskar den!

    /Eva S.

  2. Vad roligt Eva, men så får den räknas in bland moderna klassiker också. En av Montales tidigare, innan det blev för mycket repetition i utgivningen.

  3. I think it's funny that you consider a year-old Ramon Monegal brand as one of the "well established houses" :)

    Recently I've been so busy at work that I have almost no strength (or curiosity) left for testing and I mostly go with wearing perfumes that I know and love. And those are from the same houses you've mentioned.

  4. Yes I think they are sort of well-esablished as they have been around longer in Spain and the fact that Ramon has longe experience as perfumer and his family is sort of the "spanish Guerlains" ie the family that founded the house of Myrurgia almost hundred years ago :-)


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