fredag 18 oktober 2013

Guerlain - Bois d'Armenie

Picture: Haghartsin monastery, Armenia
Photo:Fhen (cc) Wikimedia Commons some rights reserved
Bois d'Armenie  by Annick Menardo is the fourth installment in the Guerlain L'Art et Matiere line. It's the most subtle and gentle true woody oriental fragrances I have tested so far. To me Bois d'Armenie is totally unisex even if marked as male in some descriptions.

Bois d'Armenie starts soft spicy woody with some very smooth incense and a note that reminds me of nectar. The nectarnote later on becomes sort of a soft note of honey that glimpses by. Maybe I'm anosmiac to something in Bois d'Armenie because during the drydown I percieve the same linear, smooth, a bit sweet, spicy, gentle, light woody scent and it's faint to me. Cosy and nice, well blended of good ingredients, but no challenges or excitement. A safe fragrance for everyday wear except for the warm summerdays. The least appealing fragrance to me in the L'Art et Matiere line, even if good quality there is not much going on in this according to my nose.

Rating: 3

Notes: Iris, pink pepper, incense,coriander, benzoin, guaiac wood, patchouli, white musk, copahu balm

5 kommentarer:

  1. I didn't get the point of this one either! I've only tried it once, and that was a while ago now, but I remember that there was this one annoying musk note that somehow stood out from the rest of the composition and didn't agree with me :(

  2. I thought I was going to love this one, but like you and Sigrun, I didn't really find it captivating. I think you summed it up well: good materials but kind of lacking in personality.

  3. S&S: The only let down (everything is relative :-) in the LAeM-line. Maybe it agree better on male than female skin..

  4. Jag gillar den här, men knappast originell nog att matcha det höga priset. Besides! Som kanske setts på annat håll har jag gått nuts med Papier d'Arménie i hemmet den senaste tiden, vilka avgör exakt samma doft (förvisso d'ambience) för en löjligt låg summa.

  5. Som sagt helt ok men lever precis som du säger inte upp till prislappen. Kurkdjians armeniska "doftpapier" verkar vara ett lagom substitut.