söndag 8 september 2013

Fragrances of the week (36) 2013 - Fragrant thoughts

Picture: Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodphur,
the Maharaja resides in a part of it
Photo: Ss2107 (cc) Wikimedia Commons
Penhaglion's Vaara has received mixed reviews and some reviewers seems to be quite reserved when having an opinion about it, emphasize that it's a well made fragrance but on the other hand to mainstream-ordinary and not enough indian in style. Despite the doubts of others: I really like Vaara, it's a sort of airy and balmy oriental-floral, with a light rose-saffron combination which is pleasant and very wearable. I also don't find Vaara especially ordinary as the note of quince gives the fragrane an own character. Coriander also gives a sort of fresh, oriental vibe. I can imagine a scent like this wafting through a Maharajas palace and as the perfume is a tribute to the granddaugther of the Maharaja of  Marwar Jodphur, named Vaara, I find the creation credible. On the other hand, I havn't visited a Palace of a Maharaja so of course I don't know, just speculating.

Talking of Orientals: When I visited one of the major departmentstores the other day, some stylish spanishspeaking touristing ladies in their (I guess) sixties, passes by me. And what a wonderful scent trail they wafted: Deep and full spicy orientals, far away from the pale, fresh, meeky fragrances the swedish women wears, if not wearing shrill and overly sweet fruitchoulis of course. These ladies wore distinct, classy perfumes and I have to confess that I turned around and went after them for a short while just to inhale. This experience made me crave for wearing YSL Opium.

Last but definitly not least: One of the most intriguing releases this autumn is IMO Puredistance Black. For this fragrance no notes or fragrancefamily is disclosed, Puredistance just want us to enjoy and relax without so much analysis. As I love the Puredistance fragrances I really looking forward to test this and try to do at least some analysis, an interesting challenge.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Vad spännande med Puredistance Black!
    Ser fram emot din recension.
    Jag tyckte mycket om Puredistance I.
    Börjar trots det varma vädret snegla mot höstdofterna...å andra sidan känns det som om jag kan fortsätta med Jour d´Hermes vilken årstid det än är-den är glädje för mig!
    /Eva S.

  2. Hej Eva!

    Så fort jag får tag i ett prov så det blir lite senare i höst.

    Det känns lite ambivalent just nu med doftmässigt med sensommarvädret, inte riktigt läge för höstdofter. Så jag kompromissar med blomdofter av kraftigare karaktär. Jour d'Hermès är en jättbra åretrunt doft, har du prövat Hermès Eau de Narcisse Bleu? Bra hållbarhet för att vara en cologne och jättefin doft. Gillar den faktiskt mer än J d'H.//P