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Robert Piguet - Rose Perfection

Photo: Mr Parfumista (c)
Rose Perfection is another new creation by Aurelien Guichard the housenose of the venerable perfumehouse Robert Piguet. Before creating a bunch of new fragrances the latest years, Guichard also has re-interpreted most of the Robert Piguet classics. Rose Perfection was launched as an Harvey Nichols exclusive.

Rose Perfection starts with a quick whiff of the typical green rubberlike not which is typical for natural roseoils. Soon the fragrance transforms in a fizzy very pink velvet rose. It has a natural sweetness and the scent of the pink petals are dominating even if slight offset by just a gentle dose of the green tart smell from the stem, leaves and thorns. In other bright rosefragrances where the tart note is more distinct, the impression of the rose is more of rosewater from a wild rosebush  as for example Annick Goutal Rose Splendide and Lostmarc'h Iroaz. Rose Perfection is far away from this wild roses, Rose Perfection is a highly cultivated rose with an impressing pedigree growing in the symmetrically designed garden of a french renaissance castle. In style and apperance Rose Perfection reminds me of Serge Lutens Sa Majesté la Rose another elegant pink rose primarily focusing on the delicate rosepetals instead of the rose as a whole. The beautiful, perfect, almost airy clean rose of  Rose Perfection is said to be a blend of different matching notes from destilations of different types of roses. A slight musky base supports and highlights the rosy perfection.

Rose Perfection is perfect for summer, capable to manage even a warm day as it has a great longevity (24h) and stays lightly on my skin also after the morningshower. The sillage is medium and it blooms beautiful a summerday. I'm also convinced that Rose Perfection will do well  also during the colder month especially as the rose has a soft, almost velvet character and not the lighter texture of rosewater.

To me Rose Perfection is the rose equivalent to Robert Piguets beautiful  interpretation of orangeblossom Blossom and just as the latter, highly addictive. Both fragrances are bright, happy, sparkling and in the same time comfortable, relaxing and real pleasure to wear. Just perfect!

Rating: 5

Notes: Citrus, rose, floral notes, musk

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