torsdag 29 augusti 2013

Guerlain Chamade - Quick comparison between vintage and current

Picture: Chamade
Photo: PR Guerlain (c) 
A fun activity as a part of the perfumehobby is the side by side comparisations on skin or on scentsstripes. When comparing frags by skintesting I normally compare just two, one on each arm.
On of the most exciting excercises is to compare current and vintageversions of fragrances. Below are my short impressions comparing Guerlains green flowery classic Chamade from 1969, the forerunner to other clsssics as Chanel No19 (1971), Van Cleef & Arpels First (1976) and Annick Goutal L'Heure Exquise (1984).

Left arm Guerlain Chamade Edt vintage don't know exact age probably ca 20y.The topnotes its off and I have read on the Guerlain expert, Mr Guerlains blog ,that Chamade doesn't age well. After the oldsmelling topnotes have evaporated the sharp galbanum, the edgy smell of the bulbflowers and a dry gunpowdernote comes forward. The basenotes are warm and comforting, compared to the cool and balmy base of No 19.

Right arm: Chamade Edp current version some pleasant fruity notes blended among the green crisp bulbflowers and no sharp galbanumnote, it's sort of rounded out for the fruity notes. Overall, the current Edp have not the same dept and strenght as the vintage Edt.The Edp is more pleasant and wearable, probably because of the damaged topnotes in Edt. All together I prefer the Edp for wearing and Edt for testing to investigating the deeper facets of the fragrance.

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