lördag 3 augusti 2013

Fragrance(s) of the week (31-35) 2013 - Worth waiting for....

Picture: Just varnished vintage Grythyttan A2:s  *)
outside the archipelago house, July 2013
Photo: Parfumista (c)
Most of the summer is gone and so is also most of the vacation. But there is still warm and wonderful summer outside and mostly I'm wearing light and easy to wear fragrances.At the moment I'm not especially intrigued of new releases but there are some that triggers my interest from fragrances that will be launched this autumn and I hope I get the opportunity to test at least some of:

Parfums de Nicolaï: At least two oud fragrances aimed to the Middle East market. Oud and the technical skillful Patricia de Nicolaï can't go wrong.

Serge Lutens: As usual the Exclusive of the year from SL is worth waiting for. This years Iron maiden, La Vierge de Fer which is said to be a hard, ironlike lily with incense, seems promising.

Mona di Orio: As Monas perfums are among my most treasured, I'm of course intrigued by the Les Nombres d'Or La Violette Fumee even if I suspect it's leaning more to the masculine side.

Andy Tauer: Seems to experimenting with some exclusive roseextract from Afganisthan in order to release a rose centred perfume before Christmas. Roses from Andy is must haves, as most of the other fragrances also.

ByKilian: The fourth fragrance of In the Garden of Good & Evil collection Playing with the Devil will be launched during the autumn. I hope this one will be dark and dangerous in stye compared to the very wearable, well-behaved and well-crafted first three fragrances of the garden-line.

Robert Piguet: Always awaiting news from one of my all time favorite houses Robert Piguet. Insomnia, judged from the name this seems to be a truly  mysterious fragrance. I'm thankful for the extensive efforts of the Robert Piguet CEO Joe Garces to restore and further develope this fine perfumebrand. Here is an very interesting post from CaFleureBon describing this work.

Neela Vermiere Creations: The new Ashoka by Bertrand Duchaufour seems to be very good according to reports from the lucky ones that have the opportunity to test it. And Mohur Extrait will certainly be something that I like.

Update mid-August: Puredistance Black: A new Puredistance is annoncued for December and this is really something to looking forward to. I love this house, a dark follower to the terrific I, Antonia, M and Opardu is just great. Already planning for a review....

Which new releases are you looking forward to?

*) Grythyttan A2 is one of the most (if not the most) classical swedish garden furniture, the A2 chair and table was designed to the Stockholm exhibition 1930 and are still produced. The set on the picture is from the late 1940s/early 50s and have since then stood the test of the sometimes hard weather of the archipelago with just minor repairs and varnishing.

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  1. Since I've tried (and liked) both NVC perfumes, I should say that from your list I look forward to only SL's perfume and only out of curiosity since I do not expect to like it: I do not like lily in perfumes and I do not like anything even close to "iron" in perfumes). Everything else sounds definitely like NOT my cup of tea (not that I'd refuse to try them given a chance).

  2. What a relief for your wallet :-)